Animal Updates


Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2010

by the time i put the barn guys to bed at 6pm...even tho it is cooling off, i am still dripping with sweat. i must say i really enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of bedtime (when certain big pigs are not missing) gives me a chance to check in with each animal individually and just see how they are doing today.

gideon had us more worried than usual..i fed him on friday night and he did not eat most of his fed him again at breakfast and lunch on saturday and again he did not eat. so i decided to get all of the new stuff out of his feed and go back to what he used to eat and low and behold he ate every bit saturday night and breakfast and dinner again today (i forgot to ask mo if he ate his lunch?)

gideon is just one of those folks who likes what he likes and does not appreciate a lot of change or variety and i am very respectfully careful to not mess around with his food or his appetite...he simply cannot afford NOT to eat all of his meals.


amos the donkey has lice....oh yay, so glad mo found that today..also glad he is not around the other horses, i am assuming the lice for both horses and donkeys are exactly the same...lice are supposedly species specific...and those 2 species are pretty damn close to the same. we de-loused him today and will repeat in 10 days and hopefully he will feel much better...he has been gelded and vaccinated and de-wormed and now de-bugged, hope that is all of the basics for him done now. BUT.....his scrotum is looking swollen today so i will call the vets to check him over again on monday.


ellie was pretty sore tonight..i did not give her the noon pain med...i thought maybe she was far enough away from her recent donkey beating, not to need the extra noon dose any more...apparently i was wrong cuz at bedtime she was REALLY stiff and sore....sorry babe.

ellie mae

saints has finally hired our new staff person....we welcome ryan to the ranks of saints animal caregivers.

i am re-organizing the work assignments to best meet our needs so here are the following changes...

ryan will be the barnyard staff person caring for all of the barnyard animals.

colleen will be moving over to the mp building and caring for the all of the animals there.

renee remains in the house but will be doing a couple of extra all of the meds for both house and mp building and she will be "the person in charge" of ALL of the saints animals when i am working and not on site.

renee knows all of the animals and can work easily in all of the areas and knows the rules and routines for each area too. so she is the one person here mon-fri that everyone (staff and volunteers in every area) should take questions about care or rules/routines to, or to report concerns about the animals to when i am not here...this way nothing gets missed or forgotten or lost. and especially if you notice an animal is not well or you have a suggestion about some kind of change...please report it directly to renee and she will make sure that that it gets passed on to me.

we are trying to simplify and clarify the lines of communication around here.

well..i wonder if i can indulge in a somewhat shallow bath? it is a bit wasteful cuz i did bath last night but i am icky and sweaty and i want one again tonight.

it so sucks to worry about water....i can't wait for the rains in the fall..i wish it was autumn or spring time for the entire year!



The van is a good start for sure Cathie ... Mom can you scour your van please. Put the pics on the office desk. I will grab them this weekend and scan them and then pop them in the mail on monday for cathie ...

but step one: mom find those pics!!!

Cathie K

Jenn;Possibly in the van... Yes,Dixie Chick was and is a cutie...Eight years ago,seems forever ....Cathie K


i got them from eastridge..i just don't have a clue where they are now...i will think about it and maybe i will remember where i put them....dixie was very cute when she was little..i had forgotten.


Cathie I have not seen the pics yet. Where are they? I know you wrote that you were going to drop them off at the vets but I never heard confirmation ...

Cathie K

Jenn, Off topic: Are you done with my photo's of Dixie Chick...If so ,Please would you return them...Plus I didn't put enough postage on the return ...They are are the ONLY!! ones ,Evelyn kept the negatives.Thanks....Cathie K

Jenn Hine

first of all ... sorry mom but when I saw the title "changes" and you said you has been sweating even after it had cooled down I thought it was a post about your "female changes" hahaha... ok maybe not funny.

Anyways, Mo I know what you mean ... when there is something worrying me about SAINTS I call my mom over and over and ask her. I am lucky because I can get away with that because she is my mom ...
Dont' worry so much you have a lot on your plate right and a alot to worrty about but Gwen and Ryan should not be one of them . Gwen is a such a tropper she if undoubtably fine and Ryan seems like he has a whole lot of common sense that it half the battle and cannot be taught. The "info overload" will just take time and I am sure he will ask Rene if he is unsure about anything and I am confident that you trained him well.


I am sitting here at work.. worried about Gwen ( who is back at SAINTS for a week) and worried about how Ryan is doing.. the poor guy must have had information overload this week-end with all the stuff we threw at him and I am worried about what may have been missed or not mentioned . Worry is such a useless emotion & I wish there was a full proof way of going... OK , I have worried enough & there isn't anything I can do right now , so I will turn my worry emotion off now.

Life full of fun and worry.. Yea.. I want more fun now & less worry.

Welcome Ryan & hope your 1st official day at SAINTS went smooth as a super slurped up Slurpee...thanks for that Jenn.. I have now had 2 slurpee's in my lifetime.

Francesca Wilson

Dear Carole, my knee which prevented Marie and I coming last week is alright..... we would like to be at SAINTS this Wednesday. Take care

laura topic but I was wondering how our Jenny girl is and pictures please.

Marie Bellemare

Welcome to ryan - you joined a very special team of loving and dedicated persons and are surrounding yourself with amazing animals !!!


Carol, if you don't mind a short drive, there is a soaker tub in my basement bathroom that you can use anytime for as long as you want. No bath restrictions with city water.