Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2010

the hose and pump are set up to the water tanks...please use the tank water out there starting today the well is starting to get low and we need that water for the house.

you have to plug in the little pump in the wall of the mp building by the door to the shop (the extension cord is right there) in order for the pump to run. and please remember to unplug the pump again when you are done with getting water out there.

all that is left to do is to attach the barn hoses to the hose coming from the tanks across from the riding ring and then you can just turn the hoses on and off with that little end of the hose turn on and off red thing.

and yes KO today you may refill up the duck pools if they need as long as you use the water from the tanks to fill them..



Thanks Carol! I beleive that Floyd, Edwina, and Quiet will be smiling today with the fresh water!!