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Pics for the People

Jenn  ·  Jul. 11, 2010

A few of you have requested certain pictures . Ask and ye shall received ... So here are the pics you have been waiting for. If YOU, yes you, have a particular picture you want to see just let me know and perhaps I can do a p0st like this every few weeks.

Chewie's Wound is looking Wonderful

Here is Chewie's wound 2-weeks after the surgery & 7-weeks after the surgery. chewie wound 2-weekschewie wound 7-weeks

**ultimate before pics are the surgery pics of when the farm vet cut away all of Chewie's damaged and rotten flesh-- the pictures are graphic so I won't post it but if you want to see it just click on the link. This pic was taken May 14, 2010 by Colleen D. <a href=";current=chewie4.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="now clean but very deep wounds" /></a>

Cool Summer Lion Cuts

Here is Carl and Marshmellow sporting their new cool summer lion cuts.

Picking Favorites

KO asked me today to take "a pic of Daphne's butt like this" haha and Tammy wanted a picture of Phoebe being cute and well behaved ... this one was a challenge but I managed it somehow.
daxi buttpheobe

In Memory Of ...

As requested by Mauro here is Tyra's memory box and windchime
tyra's memory boxtyra's windchime



The healing process that Chewie has gone through is quite amazing. You have done a wonderful job in nursing him back to health :)


I don't know that I could pick a "favorite" picture - they're all so wonderful! Having tried unsuccessfully many, many, MANY times to take a decent picture of a foster dog to put on our adoption website, I'm always impressed at how incredible your pictures are.


Glad to hear Nudge is doing well. She was a fairly new arrival when I started at SAINTS. I think she will look beautiful with a lion cut. I'm sure it does take some getting used to though.


Ex Saint Nudge will soon be sporting her "lion cut" too but she doesn't know it yet. Of course she will be a laughing stock for a while but atleast she will feel cooler. Hi to Phoebe and Tammy from Nudge.


Thanks for noticing Jenn, but I had some good help today - Ann and Monica! It was great to have extra hands. I do have to say that I missed Endora on the kitchen counter today - She was always "in the way", and today I actually wished that she was!


HAHA well figured if I was going to enjoy a sleep-in ... then I better show up with something to thank the volunteers who got up early and were working hard in the heat ... so hence the slurpee ... so you guys are the ones who should be THANKED! Brenda I walked into the house after you left and thought and even said outloud "WOW this place looks incredible ... Brenda sure gets this place spic and span" ... and of course Tammy you are the bunnyroom guru.


Yes, that slurpee hit the spot. You have quite a knack for knowing exactly what is needed.
Also I love the picture of Marshmellow sporting his summer look. Not to mention the picture of Phoebe, she's looking good as usual.


Jenn, thank you for the gift of Slurpees for the volunteers today - Mine was wonderful!