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Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2010

happens all the is because we each see words in our heads in totally different ways and sometimes the exact same word can mean something completely different depending on our individual mindsets.

so here is my example for tonight.

today i called laura and asked...

"so hey, what is your screwability status right now?"

now she could have thought i was asking about her sex life (which i was not.)


she could have been paranoid and thought i was about to do something mean, unfair or unkind to her (which i was not.)


she could have rightly guessed that i needed her to screw a shelf up on the wall of the feed room. (which i do.)

same word (well maybe it is not a real word but one that does work well for me)...with vastly different isn't that just a little bit interesting?

and think of the possibilities of how many times a word that we say and someone actually hears can lead to so many different kinds of misunderstandings.

luckily laura is used to me and how i communicate and she knew i wanted something screwed to a wall so there was no misunderstanding....but in retrospect..there was that possibility.

oh and by the cell phone is dead...not dead dead..just battery dead..not permanently battery dead..just temporarily battery dead..ok so the battery is not really dead...drained might be a better word but it is not really drained either cuz it doesn't have a plug for the battery juice to run out...not that a battery really has juice, it is more like electrical charges..but not like charges on your telephone or mastercard bill, those are not really charges, more like expenses paid out cuz you called someone or bought something...but in any case... no calls can go in or out til i plug it in and recharge it tonight.

(so hah jenn! find a picture for this one!)

** Mom, when you say that to me it never turns out well for you [Below posted by Jenn]

If words can have a dozen meanings then pictures can have a thousand. One picture can communicate a story and message that CANNOT be said sometimes in words. Meaning, truth, reality can arguably be arbitrary ... socially constructed ... to one person you are a saint, to another you are a crazy lady or a bitch, or a God. You are all of these and none of them too.

So here is a picture of CAROL which I took on Sunday when she stopped by for her lunch break. If taken out of context I (or you) could come up with a thousand colourful stories about this ONE picture. That is what Tabloids do.

I am NOT going to tell you what the REAL story is. You can, however, guess and if you get it right I will let you know. You can also ask me YES or NO questions to help you.

Mom and Mo you are banned from participating (since you were there). Sorry Mom I can't remember if you asked me to erase this picture or not. Perhaps there was a miscommunication ;) PS thanks for the OPPORTUNITY to post this little gem of a shot.




That's a good one, Hornblower! I knew it couldn't be a sermon (although it appears very much that way), because it would be falling on deaf ears (sorry, doggies.)


I thought it was the reverse of Moses separating the sea: Carol calling the water IN, to fill the well, and all the buckets & the blue miracle wading pool on her left.

And behold, here is water & a little white dog will go swim in it.

And there was much rejoicing & the water bill was but a memory.


Thanks for appreciating my sense of humor, Ramona! I could not resist posting my thoughts on that pic of Carol- I would have simply put "om", but she was not sitting cross-legged.


My guess was Carol saying "OK, everybody relax, it is going to be OK..."

Ramona Bourne

that is so funny. Kim, you have given a picture that will forever be my vision of Ellie Mae taking refuge from anything that would unexpectedly interrupt the zzzzz`s. I don`t blame her. Glad you were found safe and sound Ellie.


methinks Ellie was only trying to find a hidey hole, and she was pleased with herself that she did...until that darn Laura had to spoil it. Ellie did not have visions of sugar plums in that barn field anymore where she used to pleasantly sunbathe on that heap of sand. She now had thoughts of a nutty donkey coming and kicking her. And for no reason! OWCHIE! The maze of the motley crew running around on her turf was bad enough. She certainly was NOT taking a chance on that NUTBAR donkey interfering with her ZZZ's... hence her hidey hole.
The title could read "Mommy and Motley Crew; the Rescue Search for the Missing Ellie.
"Crippled Crew sounds, well to crippled. Motley is stronger, and they will need it to reel in Ellie.


Two possible alternate captions:

Carol giving a sermon to a fading audience.


"So if you'll all line up in two lines, we can get this nail clipping business done quickly."

Jenn Hine

haha I was actually going to say that ... but I thought that would just be cruel.

Carol would think i would know better than to toss a challenge glove right at your feet....and for future reference..i don't have to be banned from the guessing games too because i had no idea what i was doing when you took that shot..i had already forgotten any conversations with mo and you and god from sunday.


haha I like all of your ideas.

No she is not blessing the animals, discussing religion, trying to levitate or talking about THAT THING ... the s-word.

KIM was the closest! She is re-telling the story of ellie mae hiding and then finally being found ...

The caption to this pic might read: "carol tells a story" OR "oh hi you found me" OR "Oh Gawd where is my 800 pound pig?"

After this picture was taken my mother walked me down to show me the little nook the pink princess had been hiding in and how ellie was being a brat because she darn well knew my mother was looking for her.

Marie Bellemare

hahahahaha is she trying to levitate ??? Have a good day all !

Mauro Salles

Is Carol Hine joking about THAT forbidden thing, THAT banished S-word ?!?!?!?!?!?

:-O o_o


oh where, oh where has Ellie May gone? Not here, nor there. Maybe my trusty herd of dogs can help me? Dear me... I forgot. Some can't see. Some can't hear and many are not helping me look for Ellie... they are hoping only for a chocolate chip cookie. Lord, help me!

Mauro Salles

LOL. OK!!!!!!

Is Carol acting like a shepherd, missionary or religious leader, talking about a Biblical, theological or religious topic?


O.K so now I have a mental picture of Laura standing with a screwdriver in her hand and Carol with a screw loose!! (sorry lol)