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the last thing i need is....

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2010

another computer desk oaf.

especially a fat one.

milton has made the adjustment to the house really well. he is waiting til all is quiet...(late might and early morning) to check the rest of the house out. this morning while i was staring in bemused horror at that last picture that jenn dared to post...i felt a cat nudging my hand so i reached down to pet him or her without really looking.

i kind of thought it was eddie but it was in fact my new friend milton and i just managed to grab my tea before up he came flying right into the computer screen.

Hiya. What cha doin'?

happy gilmore is doing ok too but he is still hanging out in the back bedroom. apparently he is not as curious or adventuresome as milton the oafishly chubby guy.

Nope. I;m good right here. In fact, there is not an adventuresome whisker on me.
happy gilmore

AND in future self defence, when milton turns into a full blob of a cat (he likes his canned food as much as scrappy)..i just want it to be known that he started out sort of fat so the tendency to well roundedness was already there.

(i am going to try to post quite a lot of mindless drivel over the next day or so til a certain picture gets buried forgotten and deep into the past blog archives....too bad i am still in the middle of working my shifts,..harder to blog a lot when i'm busy.)

maybe i can post again about griffins thousand and one plops of loose pooh....(yes renee..i have in fact been feeding him cat food again...but that's ok cuz i will stop doing that, now i remember why it is not a good idea.)



Milton sounds like a male version of Nudge. Or McNudge as I call her sometimes as she looks like she has had one to many McDonalds meals!


Maybe you could check one other thing too. When I go on Animals/Cats/Winter I get a write up about Andy. Hope this is easy to fix!

Jenn Hine

You are right Sheryl. Milton is grey and white and Happy Gilmore is Black. I will post new pics of them here when I get home from work.

Here is the June 12 post


Just for clarification, in the post for June 8th, Milton is described as a grey and white and in the photos on June 12th, Milton is pictured as black. Which is Milton and which is Happy Gilmore? Thanks.

Jenn Hine

how dare you plot to bury that gloriously fun picture with drivel .... don't make me repost and create an ENTIRE funny pics of carol post ...