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there is a side to saints that most folks will never see...

Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2010

they won't see it because they are not the one here from 6pm til 8am (plus more on my days off) 365 days a year. they are not the ones to feed every night and take everyone out for a pee, they do not sleep with them and carry on inane conversations with them, and act silly with them and not feel sorry for them every day of the year.

most folks are too dignified and cool to sing in a loud and audible, high pitched voice..."YOSHI-MON" like a fool...every time they enter the room. but then yoshi actually plays with me and i have never seen him play with anyone else. i see the pretty damn funny side of him not the pathetic old dog....and yoshi likes to play and act silly, he thinks it is fun.

Bonjour cheri, Je m'appelle Yoshi

doris is not much of a player tho but she does like to bark while i get yoshi going...she thinks because we are all happy anyway, we should go out in the yard for a pee....that is what makes doris happy.

but folks also do not get to see a lot of the stuff that scares one saw edith looking quiet and depressed and i know she is not well tonight.

no one saw ellie go to bed and start acting weird....i still am not sure what she was doing but it scared me enough to see it twice to think she might be starting to seizure.

maybe neither of them had enough water to drink today...the tub is full but maybe they did not come up to it to drink...anyway i am glad the vet is coming to see chewie tomorrow (who is also acting pretty weird) so i can get him to look at them and tell what he thinks.

some of the stuff is just feel good last night finding amos had dumped out his water and being able to fix it for him so he couldn't do it again. or finding billy with his water bottle flat on the floor (the holder is lost) i got something to tie it up with so he could have water whenever he wants.

and that is why i like to see each area and all of that areas animals every night..i can fix what got messed up, i can give whatever was forgotten..i can see who is well and who might not be and i can go to sleep at night knowing who is well, who is not, who ate their dinner and who did not..who was happy enough for a bit of game and who might be reaching the end of their days.

i mostly see the best of the animals because they mostly see the best of me...i have a cheerful, gently teasing, sense of odd humour and that makes them feel pretty good. i joke with them and i fondly call them bad names, (like moron, doorknob, dolt, mushroom, fatty boy, flat head, blind bat from hell, oaf, ox, klutzoid, toothless wonder, psychopath (griffin always wags his nose of a tail when i call him this name!), or in yoshi-mon's case..the one eyed little wingnut, he wags his tail at this one and hops up and down.....and don't ask me why they like it but they do...maybe they don't understand the words that i say...just the real joy in seeing them that comes out in my voice....and that makes them happy to see me too.

i have my bad moments when i yell at them in anger..but sadly that usually has little to do with them and more to do with me and my day.

but on the whole when it is just them and me...we are pretty damn happy....i like them and they like me and this is a very good thing...most of them would be happier in a real home, but if i can get a smile out of them at the end of the day...i guess that is ok... (for now at least)

and this is why no one will ever see what i do, every night of the year,,because from 5 pm til 8 the next is just me and them finishing off our day together.

gideon let me kiss his face three times tonight .....i am usually lucky if he lets me do it even once.....and i know he was just cheerfully humoring me (he thinks i am a very silly and childish human) but it was still pretty thank you gideon for letting me act like a fool....three times in a row!




My sister just gave me her older style video camera & I will bring it out on Sat. Ha.. I was going to give it back , but when I read this thread I figured we should give it a try & it can be SAINTS camera.

Warning ... if you are at SAINTS... you may end up on a video : - )


Poppy I would LOVE to take video as well as pics when I am up there but sadly my camera does not record video ... and I and SAINTS lacks a video recorder. Colleen B's digital camera can record video so she has recorded a few videos for us. I know my mom would eventually like to buy a video recorder for SAINTS ... but I think the priority for SAINTS' money right now is vet bills and water.

But I agree, videos are the next step in brining the saints animals to the world ...


Thanks for the tip Mauro:) I just figured Jenn as Carol's daughter could be more stealth and sneaky. But hey, whoever posts the ditty for our enjoyment is to be commended, hehe...


Hey, that is what I call my animals when they piss me off. I number them too Ass Wipe 1, Ass Wipe 2 ...

Brenda McCormick

Speaking of "fondly calling them bad names"; it reminded me of my mother who always called us 4 kids her "little ass wipes" when she was pissed off at us. Other people were horrified I think, but we took it as a term of endearment. Now we tease her about calling us "toilet paper" when we were little. Just thought I'd throw that in!


bailey is fine...still in my room..just not getting any opportunity to practice his prey drive shit.


i am just wondering how bailey is doing. i have not been there for 2 weeks and want to know if he is in the mp room hope he has found a special place at saints

Mauro Salles

Carol, thanks for the opportunity to improve my English, because I need to research some of the bad names. They seem very good ones!!!

Poppy, a snitch told me that Collen B is the offical videomaker.


I think Jen needs to catch you unaware and video the Yoshi song ;)

Glad to hear what you do brings you such joy, what a (crazy at times) but fulfilling life you lead Carol. Power to you!