Rescue Journal

i so thought i was finally done with tyra tears...

Carol  ·  Jul. 15, 2010

but then there were two very kind sympathy cards in the mail today and i realized i am not near done yet. grief is a funny slips in and out and pops up and down when you least expect it. but that is ok..i am used to is almost normal for me.

she was the very best dog in the world, that kind of loss and longing to have her back again stays with you i think for the rest of your life.

good news on lola...sort wasn't the cancer taking over that was bringing her down. last night i found a new mass on her side that was not there the night before. i took her into the vets today..and low and behold about 3 inches away from the mass...we found a partially healed old tooth puncture left over from kodi (bad dog) instead of currently dying..lola is all fixed up for now. she had the abcess excised and a drain put in place. she is still feeling sorry for herself but not as much as she would if her cancer was spreading. she will be unhappy at bedtime, cuz i am kicking her out of my room until that drain comes out..i can handle a lot of things happening in my bed occasionally by accident but not draining wounds. sorry can come back in 5 or 6 days.

gwen did ok with her vet check today. thank god we can now take off her freaking cone.

and the farm vet came out and looked at the goats and the donkey and gideon. he brought me a tape so i can moniter gideon's weight but i am expecting him to start gaining soon because he is eating REALLY well. the vet thinks all of the goats are clear of lice and mange..he thinks it was an allergy to something they were eating because just in the last week their coats are so much better and that is without any treatment for anything at all. anyway, he decided not to give the ivermec injections and we can just see how they do.

he thinks chewie's weirdness is centered around his healing wound..he is amazed at how well it is healing and said we have done a fantastic job of wound care. i asked if we could try some lidocaine topically and see if that numbed the itchiness of it for him...he thought that was a good idea so he gave us some to trial for him.

he thought ellie is ok...but he did say her joint pain is still apparent. we are just to continue with her quatrisol twice a day and manage her discomfort with it the best that we can. sadly not many pigs have the luxury of a pain medication that costs $15 a day for the rest of their life....and unfortunately currently there is nothing better that we can try. but on the whole she does alright...usually one day in bed and the next day up and trucking around seems to work for her and she is pretty smart and knows when she needs a bed day to rest.

at supper time herman just cracks me up...he waddles out to the feed shed and supervises while i make his dinner. i guess he thinks he will get it faster if he parks himself right in plain view. he has come a very long way from the reclusive pig he was before....i cannot wait til he lets me brush him..he is so going to love that a lot!

amos looks so much better this week..his coat is clearing up since his lice treatment. he really is kind of a sweet little guy and i think next week once his incisions heal, i will put him out in the big field for a couple of hours in the evenings after all of the other barn guys are safe in bed.

i bumped sidney out of her vet appointment so lola could go in her stead...sidney is re-booked to come in tomorrow so that worked out ok in the end.

those brown betty bunnies are getting freaking huge!

well..i better call and order a water delivery for the house for saturday...i just checked it and that tank will be running out soon.

hmmm..i wonder if i do a load of personal laundry tonight if that will screw us up?



I agree & don't think we are ever really done with our tears for loved ones that have moved on... the time between the tears just gets a bit longer . I still have episodes of deep deep sadness when I think of my Harley..sometimes I will even pull out a few of my most favorites photos & just let feeling & the tears fall.

I miss you too Tyra

Btw - Are we to measure Gideon girth on a weekly basis??? All my time with horses & my vet never gave me a tape to measure their weight