Rescue Journal

i need to do something about perdy...

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2010

her hips are getting really bad now and i think the 2 little steps up to the laundry area and the slippery kitchen lino floors are a bad idea for her now.

as soon as gwen goes home, i think i will put a peice of carpet in the entranceway and move pheobe's time out spot elsewhere too for her...perdy will need to be crated as dogs go in and out but it might be easier on her hips.

anyhow...i am thinking on solutions for her hips that might help since the meds are not doing the trick alone anymore.

lola did not sleep in the kitchen...she is a big freaking baby and i am a big freaking weanie..i padded up a spot on the bed for her and she was kind enough to stay there.

try to tell a sometime dying dog that she can't sleep on your bed.

miss, take pity on me I am dying *blink blink*

i am picking up the new old poodle today, and harold tomorrow. i should have gotten harold yesterday so i had 4 full days to settle him before i go back to work but with gwen in the entrance, it didn't work...she goes home tomorrow so he can come in then. he can have the laundry area and perdy the entrance..but he better be a good dog like we all think or we are screwed cuz i need some spot for phoebe when she is acting like a turd.

and i really do need to pull reg back over here and see how he does now that kodi and 4lane, his arch enemies are gone...i don't think he has any other arch'fiends but really am not altogether sure...when reggie zips around screaming, the "i hate you and you and you..." it is all kind of a blur.

i also need today to create a critical reminder a laminated poster for each area that hangs on the walls in plain view for staff and volunteers....

before you leave from your shift, please walk around and check the following...

is every animal where they are supposed to be?

has everyone been out for a pee?

are ALL water bowls, buckets and bottles full and clean?

is there food available to them?

are all doors and gates latched securely?

and does each animal seem safe, well and happy?

and then my phone number for any concerns.

i am totally freaking out in this hot weather when i find an empty water container...we absolutely cannot miss filling any, EVER...for some, that one container is the only access to water that they have for the entire day til i wander by to check in the evening.



A "critical reminder list" for each area is a great idea. I go thru the list in my head before I leave each time, but I think it would be really helpful. Also, I would like to see a "communication book" - possibly in the kitchen area? - where volunteers or staff could record comcerns or important observations for Carol to see re the animals that day. Just a suggestiom! Ok, I'm off on holidays tomorrow, so that's all my comments for now.


Is there any way you could rig up a small "wheel barrow" type thing for Perdy to use to keep the weight off her back hips? Or tie a TON of balloons around her torso and hips so they weigh less? (ok, so that last one was more of a joke, but it'd be really cute looking!)