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quick news and bed..i am tired.

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2010

petunia is not feeling well...she has been eating very little for the past couple of days. tonight she even turned her nose up at fresh watermelon and strawberries (thx laura for going to the store for her!) so i better gets the vets out to see her tomorrow.

tuni normally REALLY likes watermelon and strawberries

lola had her drain tube out so that is kind of nice..i really hated when she would rub up against my face in the middle of the night.

annie and elizabeth are not being very nice to sweet caroline, and sweet caroline is too traumatized to make them be i am thinking of how to bond them together and i have a good enough idea to work out and try.

annie and liz are off in the distance ... ignoring sweet Caroline

sheep, like bunnies, do not like changes in places or routines so i am thinking of confining all three of them together someplace unfamiliar that none of them want to be in (like the new goat stall)...misery likes company...and bonds do form in adversity.... esp. when everyone's mind is on something else BESIDES who gets to be the big boss, the 2nd boss and no-boss at all. so i am thinking of interfering and equalizing the sheep status playing field and seeing what comes out of the end result....hopefully a fully bonded small friendly flock.

i do have to stretch my brain a bit to outhink, outlast and outplay 3 small, stubborn, wooly, ruminates...we will see if my sheep bonding strategy works.

bitsy is doing the slow downward slide, just in case it is not just old age...i need to get her in to get checked and find out why.

itsy Bitsy bo


video of bitsy drinking from the sink ... courtesy of Colleen B.
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we are trying to scrape together every cent..we will need hay soon, that's $1500, the feed bins need stocking, another $500, we are running out of garbage bags, laundry detergent and paper towels, canned cat and dog food..$500 again..the mop handles are all disintegrating and we still have a couple of really big receiver general bills to the vet bills are still really over $15,000 again.
it so sucks to be in rescue....should have thought about boarding animals for making money instead of saving animals and losing money,,that was not all that bright of me was it?

sadly one of our baby barn swallows has been lost. the nest in the barn has fallen apart and one baby fell, too young to fly yet...i could not put it back up cuz the other babes were barely hanging in there...i was hoping the parents would continue to feed it on tunies stall floor but i can't find it tonight so i think it has died buried somewhere in the straw.

so sad, life sucks sometimes for everyone, esp. helpless baby birds.


Mauro Salles

I already sent the money but, please, confirm receiving it. In fact I don't trust PayPal (or other service) until make sure everything is OK. :)

Mauro Salles

I sent $50.00 via PayPal. Just a little help to buy the supplies.


I have about $80.00 in candian tire money, plus about $60.00 cash I collected to get to you, that might help with supplies, I just need to get it to you. I have some other items too, but maybe I should just mail the loot first.


congrats Anne that is wonderful news. Thanks for the vid. Colleen I love it. and Erin I can email you a poster. Nicole hasn't put it on the website yet.

email me for a poster.


Happy. happy news Nicholas finally made his entrance into the world at 9:23 last night weighing in at 7lbs 14ozs. He is fantastic and I love being a grandma already!


how come i cant find a downloadable/printable wishes for whiskers poster....jenn? nicole? is there one, if so, where?

Colleen B

I'll make a Costco run and bring detergent, garbage bags and paper towels this weekend.

I just uploaded a video of Bitsy (I think it's Bitsy) drinking out of the kitchen tap. Old news to you, I'm sure, but I still thought it was cute.

Sorry Lynne...I haven't figured out how to edit the videos so you make a surprise appearance at the end :)


I think I would like to organize a "food drive" ... perhaps people can try to get their friends and family to donate cans of dog and cat food ... can you tell us which brands you need please and perhaps I can create a facebook event