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and the best laid plans of mice and men....

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2010

down two staff today......good thing for saints i took the day could have been a lot worse if i was working today.

oh well....i suppose i shouldn't have slept in this morning but i better start moving my ass now...and it is daphne's fault i slept in.



the animal control's do not have very much of a medical budget..the municipalities only fund so much. in their defence, he probably has had cushings for awhile anyway so a couple of weeks til he moves into rescue is not a too big a deal...and he does have to monitered really closely once treatment starts so he doesn;t slip over to an addisonian is in his best interests not to start treatment until someone can watch him really closely until he moves to his maintenence dose which rescue probably has more time to do than a busy animal control facility.
the initial diagnosis and treatment is expensive but once stabilized it is just the meds about twice a week and bloodwork twice a year to ensure the cushings remains well controlled.

Beverley Wristen

that was ship him off to some rescue organization. please excuse my spelling. i am not seeing well right now.

Beverley Wristen

Just didn't know where else to leave a bummed out comment about a senior dog and since we know Carol and since i read this blog everyday i might as well leave it here. Figured it was maybe time to think about adopting another senior dog as we love senior dogs and have always adopted them. Well the Vancouver Sun had an ad under the pets section. Rupert a schnauzer/shiz Tzu cross 7-8 years old. Has Cushings and will need to be on medication daily for the rest of his life. So i phone the Vancouver Animal Control to inquire about him. Then i phone my vet to ask about the Cushings and ask how much the blood tests would be a month to get him stabalized and on his medications. Vet says that they would have to know what medication he is presently on in order to tell me how much the blood tests would cost. I rephone the Vancouver Animal Control who tell me that he is on no medications and that they have no intentions of even treating it and will keep him for another week and a half and then ship him off to some rescur organization. What a bunch of losers they are. The least that they could do is try to get this little dog stabilized and on some meds. I am really discouraged right now. The vet tells me that it can be very expensive to treat a cushings dog.