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sidney was no weanie...that frail body held a pure heart as big as they come

Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2010

i personally cringed every time she popped out of somewhere when i was giving a tour. she gave new meaning to dead cat walking but....sidney thought she looked pretty good.
i remember when she first came in, the victim of a person with too many cats to look after...and the first thing i thought was..shit honey, i am sorry but i am putting you down.

it took her a few days to be able to sit up without wobbling and a few weeks to be able to walk without toppling over. but she made herself get stronger and well (with the help of plenty of good food and appropriate meds) and she decided she was never ever missing out on a good meal ever again.

since her blood work came back pretty good last week...her kidneys were better, her thyroid level was good...i kind of thought she was going down hill either from an underlying cancer or her cardiac disease.

i figure if cats like sidney who came from really difficult lives can and will keep enjoying living to their fullest..who am i to say no?

and i figure if this cat despite her health issues and past neglect, can still live her life with the absolute best kindness and gentleness shining out of her pure heart each day....then i need to work harder to aspire to live the same way.

sidney looked like shit, but she was one of those special beings without a single blemish on her soul...she lived the life that god gave her and she lived it like a true hero.

i am reminded that goodness in life is a choice that all of us make....sidney was a really good teacher for that.

she looked like a dead cat walking but she really was a living happy cat....with a great appetite. everyone liked her...all of the people, all of the cats, even doris and yoshi were happy to share their bed with her at night.

i wish some of you could have known her, she knew what life was really all about and didn't waste a moment...good friends, soft beds...and lots of great food....ahhh for the incredible ability to simply live life well.




I could really feel her absence today in the medical room. She was such a kind and gentle old girl.


Despite her neglect before Saints. She was still a very sweet loving cat that purred when you pet her. Thanks again to Carol, Saints and all the volunteers that care.


i remember asking tammy who she was and thinking what a small frail amazing cat she wowed everyone with her will to live. have a great journey little one.


I actually don't remember seeing her in the medical room at the Open house. Sorry I missed her! What a frail looking little waif but what a determined cat. Sleep well now skinny minnie Sidney. I love the ancient ones, they teach us a lot.


I will miss coming in the medical room and not having your warm greeting looking for head rubs and some fancy were an amazing gal....bye sweet Sid.