Rescue Journal

just quick catch ups before i go back to work tomorrow.

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2010

tunie is up and down...yesterday she ate really well and even decided to wander around the barn rooting around (at one point my sister came and quietly said...did you lose the sick little pig? i said no, she was having a good day and anne said...well she isn't in her bed....that was the second time yesterday she got up for a bit of a walk.
today, she ate some fruit, did sit up for a bit, enjoyed her multiple brushings but pretty much just took it easy. she does not seem distressed, she just decides when she wants to eat, when she wants to sleep and when she wants to get up and for how long.
i really love always, she just does exactly what she wants.

herman is just turning into a complete hoot..he has his whole meal routine down to an art..he quickly moves out to near the feed shed so he can immediately determine when his food is ready for delivery..then he goes straight back into his stall. his little tail is flying back and forth thru the whole entire feeding of herman process.

lahanie and czar are becoming fast friends. and lahanie is much more considerate of all of the barn animals now. he no longer kicks his stall walls in utter impatience, he just nickers softly in encouragement til his dinner arrives. and our deeply beloved gideon is finally putting on weight again!

i did not get tula in to the vet today..i will try for a drop off for her this week tho. she is eating temptations like there is no tomorrow so i will pick up plenty of those to last her for awhile.

kira and harold made it in for their pre-op bloodwork...there are a few minor concerns with the results but nothing major. harold did not make a lot of friends at the vets today tho...he pooped all over the floor and bit one of the staff when they were trying to draw blood on him.
it really is too bad because he really is a lovely boy but he can't help his incontinence and when he gets scared he snaps and bites.

while kira LOOKED adorable...she did not SOUND adorable so i know damn well she will not be spending the night after her surgery tomorrow..her caterwauling will drive them nutz.

both perdy's and bibi's hips are getting really bad...they are both having trouble getting back up again from laying down. i think we will add some amitriptyline to their med mix and see if that helps their mobility issues.

this week i will try to find some time to do a home check for amos...he won't be going anywhere yet for a bit. we need his hormones to drop some more plus i still need to get the ferrier to do his feet...but he has been offered a home with jackson, a donkey that this really nice family have had since 1991...that is a pretty good indictation of the kind of committment being offered to him.

chewie continues to heal...hopefully just a couple of weeks more and then he can move into his new home with archie and meredith....(our little forever foster goat.)

frodo has greatly enjoyed sharing his trailer with anne and jim...and they have helped me with barn bedtime every night too. anne has a lot of horse experience...she works as a wrangler in her free time (she is really a professor) but i told her tonight, she totally sucks at wrangling jim and i were feeding, suddenly we heard from the gate..."ooops! ooops! ooops!" as emily, joy and percy charged uninvited thru to find their long awaited dinner!

the weekend barn volunteers (esp. mo...) will be happy to know...the butt scratching fences are fixed and the feed room has a great long new storage shelf! you just gotta love visiting brothers in laws who can and will use power tools!
anne has been working on etching some of the memorial stones with the router that one of the douglas college vet assistent students donated to saints so i am also grateful to visiting artistic sisters who enjoys writing names on rocks!

it was a good family weekend for me... both here and away from saints...but tomorrow we are back to the real life around here...all of my family will have returned to their own real worlds but we are still here!


Colleen Donnelly

Nice to hear that Herman is great, It took a couple of months of conversing/connecting with him to get him to where he is now. He's such a great little pig! I hope his happiness continues!

Lahanie and Czar...Lahanie was the one who instigated the friendship with Czar. Good boy. He started it about 2 months ago. A very curious thing, but one that he only knows the reason why. And that's cool.