Rescue Journal

do you know why the animals at saints do well here?

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2010

it is not because any of us are animal whisperers. it is not because any of us wrote any animal training, behavior or rehab books. it is not because we are incredibly gifted people somehow connected by god to the secret animal world.

it is for one reason is because we are happy. we surround them with a positive energy.

i came from an unhappy marriage where bad moods would drift thru the ate it, you slept it, you breathed and dreamed it...even on good days you knew it was just waiting to drift out again.

and i learned cannot live and thrive surrounded by negative energy, it will truly suck your soul out dry. it will leave you filled with uncertainty and can you possibly find happiness then?

if this is true for human beings, then it must be true for animals too. look at the evidence of countless animals who became so much more than they were before here.
we all remember clyde, that dog was tortured by the negative energy. even his physical body had turned hard as a rock... but the time that he died...dangerous pain in the ass that he was...that dog had softened. he learned to smile, he learned to play.

look at lahanie...the two year journey that he has made. the other barn animals no longer scatter away, he made his first friend with spritely and then with czar and now he is becoming gideon's friend as well. what on god's green earth does lahanie ever have to be upset about? everyone is kind, everyone is nice, everyone is happy that he is here and no one ever makes him do anything that he doesn't want to do either.

look at suzie..the past snarling and biting beast....she really is not a land shark anymore altho we pretend for her because it makes her happy.

look at griffin who lost his home for biting his family a few times too often...griffin doesn't bite here..he is no longer angry..he is becoming a bit of a goof.

do you remember rainbow, that vicious biting cat? there was nothing but sweetness left in her by the time that she passed away...the same was true for boo.

even spot...a 20 yr old cow, learned to like to have us around. we didn't want anything from her...we were just glad to get to be around her.

it is not because i or anyone else did anything special to or for any of them, except be happy at saints with them.

when people guys do such incredible work..i chuckle inside my head. yes we are incredibly good at picking up shit, mopping up pee and folding laundry. but honestly, it ain't no work at all, just to be happy.

can you conceive what a gift it is to be surrounded by truly happy humans, by the positive energy that shines right out of them?

so many animals live their entire lives without ever seeing or feeling the incredible light and warmth that can come off of a happy and content human being.
and the saints animals get to feel that every day from so many people in so many ways...and that is why they do so well around is not from us flinging shit or sloshing up is not because we are amazing human beings who know how to work really is because being around them makes us happy and being around our happiness rubs off on them too.

we have this interconnected emotional power source that feeds us, feeds them, and keeps the lights shining inside of is pretty easy and simple...our incredible work really only involves some smiles and cheerful ain't rocket science, but it is about positive energy flow.



you are so right if we are all happy the animals feed off of us that is the best gift we can give them and they so deserve that