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petunia passed away peacefully today.

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2010

her back end gave out on her, the vet believes the cancer was either pressing on or had invaded her spine. she had a very good sunday..lots of brushing, lots of singing from mo. she enjoyed tootling around the barn a couple of times too. yesterday was quieter for her, but she did eat her fruit and drink and she did eat her fruit for breakfast this morning. i checked her when i got home and she did appear comfortable,,,her respirations were slow and even, she muttered contentedly while i gave her a brush.

she did not care at all when the vet gave her the pre-sedation (normally she would scream bloody murder if someone (esp. a man) dared to poke her butt with a really long needle. that told me right there that he was right, she could not feel her back end anymore.

tunie fish was one of those animal persons thick with character. she liked who she liked and she didn't like others and she usually never bothered to change her mind.


i will miss her gentle tug on my pant leg to hurry me up. i will miss her patiently sitting at my feet while i mixed up their nightly feed. i will miss her waggy tail when telling her that she was the wisest and kindest pig in the world. i will miss calling her tunie-fish, i will miss just talking to her more.


petunia came here about 4 years ago, today as she died, she was thirteen years old. i do not hesitate for even a second to say, that tunie was happy here. the barn was her peaceable kingdom, the saints staff and volunteers were her forever slaves.
there were a few of us that i know she counted among her true good friends.

and the best of those was ellie...her big little sister. tunie was ellie's mentor...she taught her to quit throwing temper tantrums, she spoke to her firmly at times, laying out the realities of younger pigs around here. and yet they were friends.
i will never forget the day that tunie was unwell and ellie suctioned cupped her nose up and down tunie's side. i will never forget the arguments they had over ellie's room at bedtime. i will never forget that an 800 pound pig princess, always gave in (whining and reluctantly) to a much smaller elderly queen.


i will never forget how much petunia has changed me and taught me to truly respect the emotional and intellectual lives of pigs.

i will never forget that she decided to like me and trust me and include me in her family.

i will never forget a sweet and strong and determined little in peace tunie, i love you.




RIP Sweet Petunia.
Thank goodness for SAINTS for making her final years so happy and free from worry. I just wish they could all live that way.
Petunia will be so sadly missed


Dear Petunia,
I am very sorry to hear of her passing, through tears I can only express the gratitude she must have had, having such a wonderful place to finish her trek.....god bless you


Laura you made me laugh & remember when tunie would get in huff when the dogs acted up in or around the barn...out she'd come huffing & snorting then charging right at whoever was closest, she knew just how far to go & that she had the power to make them stop & scatter..then she would do an about face & calmly return to whatever they had disturbed her of may have been sleeping or rooting around in Gideons stall for some leftovers or she may have been sunning herself outside.. but she was the boss.. er I mean Queen.


I will miss Tunie during my tours.....I would always warn people not to disturb the sleeping Queen....but of course people would still talk which should be allowed...unless you ask Tunie....I loved it because she was never afraid to speak her mind.....she in her own not so polite way would tell everyone to "shut the hell up and piss off" It would always make me smile cause that was the girl we knew and loved.....we will miss you Tunie Fish.


Those last 2 pics of Tunie are so adorable- her head tilt, coupled with her triangular ears. So sweet. RIP, sweetheart.


Once again the barn will feel strange , it is amazing how each animal somehow moves into our hearts & makes themselves a home there, they never really leave , yet there is always room for more.

I will miss her immensely and when I sing to Herman I will also be singing to Tunie.

cathie k

Carol,my tears are floing to read of Tunie fish's me she is and was the Empress of the barn,her essance will always be around,like Gideon's the old soul of the place.When you asked John and I to see she went walk about,Right!! How to move an Empress,gently giving her apples like rose petals before her plus singing..oy vay!!!Tunie would follow us around leaving her tiny poops in each CLEAN!!stall and move onto the next one.Tunie you loved to be brushed and we were willing slaves,seeing your face gave us happiness and we loved your ATM impressions with the graham crackers.Tunie Fish,we loved you,Cathie and John K

Kelly B

So very sorry to hear about Tunie's passing. You gave her such a lovely time and joy; she was a lucky pig, and it sounds like those who knew her considered themselves lucky, too.


Carol and everyone at Saints I am so sorry for your loss. Tunie was quite a charactor and she will be missed


Tunie, I will miss you pooping in the stalls as soon as I cleaned them, and taking melba toast like a credit card, and talking to you in a sing-song voice and having you talk back. Rest in peace sweetie, the barn will be empty with out you.