Rescue Journal

we had quite a few discussions here yesterday...

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2010

about various things. and one of those were choices. the animals have no choice in anything, they are truly the victims of where ever they end up. and that is one of the reasons why i am so protective of the ones who are here.

i do not want negative energy around them, i do not want them sucked again into a vortex of human need...not mine or anyone else's. i do not want them further exploited in anyway to fulfill human need. they already had a lifetime of exploitation and what did it get them? mostly a one way ticket to saints.

saints is a different kind of place...i am a different kind of person. the unfortunate thing about this for the animals is...we are irrevocably tied tight together.

there are animals here who, if given a choice, would choose to be somewhere else. and while i cannot give them that choice, instead i provide an opportunity, that maybe one day they can have something better if the right folks happen to come by.

so while we sit here and wait for whatever will be...we deal with the reality of living in a sanctuary. the animals are pretty good sports, they make their adjustments, they do find some way to be happy because in the end..that is what they really want is just some happiness in their lives.

for now it works the best that it can...what the future holds for any of us is anyones guess.

as far as saints goes for humans...we do have it better. we can simply choose on any given day if we really want to be here. but whatever we it here or not..we do have a responsibility to ensure that those choices are made with a pure heart.

this 3 acres of earth is the actual real life home of 140 unwanted, defective animals and one imperfect human being. that is the bottom line in this...there are 141 of us who depend on the people who come here to chose not to bring human problems into our home.

it is another simple reality that some people will like saints and some will not. some people will like me and some folks will not. some will like the animals but not like me as their primary caregiver at all.

whatever..the bottom line is...i have no intention of trying to make saints or myself into the thousand and one different ideas of a thousand and one different human beings of how we both should be. that is never is a physical, mental , emotional and spiritual impossibility.

so think about it carefully...saints is what it is right now...and i am who i am too and we cannot, nor will not, metamorph ourselves according to the individual needs of each human being who walks in our door.

and that is where the word choice comes in...this is where each person can choose....come here and make our days here better. come here to make them more difficult, come here to bring us heartache and pain. come here and decide this is not for you and then choose to just go away.

but i will be blunt matter what anyone ultimately decides...if you use the animals as the excuse to do whatever it is that you choose to are making them part of a lie.

these animals are not the excuses or justifications for any act of human will...good or bad. the actions that we humans choose to take, we take, because we choose to.

folks need to think about this...saints is their home...saints is my home..we have a right to have peace and happiness and trust here.

just like you do in your home.

the choice of what you ultimately bring or take from always, is yours...but never forget, that i too can make choices about the kind of people and energy that i would like near to me and my family, i have the same rights in my home as you do in your is only fair.

today we have a clean slate here...everything has been said that needs to be said. today is a brand new day of moving forward at saints.

i think it looks like rain out there today and for this i am truly glad. our land needs some nuturing..i noticed while walking with mo that the ground is getting parched and dusty some rain would be welcome to help the grass.

i do truly wish, i had some actual choice in that.
hope floats....



That is what is best about SAINTS: it is about the animals. The animals come first, their health and well-being is paramount. I think just the little bit that I have been involved with SAINTS has, without my knowing it, changed my views towards animals profoundly. We are their guardians. It is about them. And with that comes the privilege of being the recipient of their love and trust and companionship. If they bring out the best in us, then we have been given an incredible gift. If we could just figure out, as human beings, how to bring out the best in each other...