Rescue Journal

when my sister was here...

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2010

we had a discussion about "culling the crazies"..she said in every organization, in every field, crazy people occasionally pop up and everything starts going sideways. when it gets bad enough, the painful process of crazy culling occurs.

i was thinking about this tonight and i got a good chuckle...because of a couple of different things. first of all if crazy culling is actually socially acceptable, why can't i cull reggie and phoebe?

and secondly...i do have to wonder how long it will be before someone actually gets the bright idea that i should be culled???? i think i am pretty safe cuz i do own the farm but heaven forbid saints ever actually finds their own place..that might be the end of me! the thought of me being eventually culled is not all that upsetting...cuz realistically that means, one way or another...i would one day actually be free from phoebe and reggie.

phoebe hitched a ride along to look at amos's new home..i am pretty sure on the way over, i heard mo mumble something about wringing a certain red i think if push came to shove and if i disappear, mo might want to be culled next so she doesn't get stuck with dear phoebe.

for all that tammy is probably sputtering in horror as she reads further red dog attacks, the fact of the matter remains that while tammy may try to avoid culling herself so she can run to the defence of dear phoebe...she might actually get culled quickly too so whoever is culling is free to start culling the crazy dogs next...... and we all know what that means...bye, bye phoebe.

anyway..i got a perverse pleasure out of thinking about culling tonight..i do miss kodi (who is lucky he has passed on thus avoiding the culling list) but our world is now 1/3rd saner..i might miss phoebe and reggie if their 2/3rds were gone (but i am not, entirely sure...maybe not.)
but the culling idea did get me thinking some guilty happy thoughts, and i am in quite a cheerful mood right now..producing more positive energy.

on a sad note...i think i will be booking brutus's euthanization for tuesday. his back end is starting to give out, tonight he sat down and could not get up again til i helped him. it was sad to see him try to drag himself forward...brutus has a lot of royal cat dignity in him.
i think dogs like perdy and bibi can deal with their failing back ends without too much problem as long as we are there to help and protect them as well as we can.
but i also think a sketchy long term street cat who has just recently remembered that folks can be kind..i don't think he will appreciate us helping him in the very personal way that his vulnerability requires.

he certainly was not too happy with me tonight when i helped him back on his feet...but we have a couple of days yet so maybe he will soon understand that i am helping him and not trying to be disrespectful or mean....hope floating that brutus deals well with his progressing disability....but i don't think that he will.

i think tonight brutus thought culling me was maybe a good idea cuz i was obviously too stupid to live...he is a nice cat tho, and i want him to feel good about who he is.

no one stole my cookies tonight...i miss tula..she was a thief but she wasn't the least bit crazy.



Culling. Bleh has always been a very negative term for me. Requires one to become hard and cruel. Happy to hear Saints feels the same way. And for that so many of us are thankful to Carol and her ways. Amen (you know, if I was of the praying kind ;)


Brutus is a very nice cat. I remember when I first gave him temptation treats and thoroughly enjoyed them. I wondered if this cat who had lived outside for so very long had ever had special treats before. Its nice to see him at SAINTS, with his choice of comfy beds and plenty of food whenever he wants it. I think we are very lucky to have him walk through our lives. Tomorrow I will spoil him even more.

As for Phoebe being crazy, that is crazy talk. While she may not be the ideal dog to take for a car ride she simply has too much energy bottled up to contain. She's a high spirited girl who goes through life loving and living every minute. That is something we can learn from her.