Rescue Journal

the truth...

Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2010

i like big dogs better than small dogs because you do not have to bend over so far to touch them.

i like big dogs better than small dogs because if i accidently step on them, i just have to apologize profusely before patting them and moving on..if i step on small dogs by accident, i have to stop and check for broken bones.

i like big dogs better than small dogs because only a quarter as many will fit on my bed.
and i like big dogs better than small dogs because when i REALLY yell at them to shut the hell up..they shut the hell up..little dogs just decide now would be a good time to yell louder than me.

i like cats better than any dog, big or small, because they never make a ton of noise. they usually (unless they are a fruit loop or a barbarian cat) pee and poop in a litter box. i like cats because while they may rip the shit out of my furniture..not one has ever eaten my walls. i like cats better than dogs because they try to avoid at all costs, thick, wet, slimey mud covering their legs and their feet.

i like sheep the very best of any animal there ever was...sheep are quiet, sheep are peaceful, sheep are not smarter than me, sheep do not get into fights and if they do start picking on the new just lock them together in an empty goat stall over night til they forget that someone was a stranger yesterday.
sheep do not beg or steal my dinner, sheep do not sleep on my bed, or piss in my house or piss off the neighbors either.... AND....most sheep owners have never heard of rescue so i get very few "desperate sheep needs rescuing" calls.

sheep are a rescuer's dream.



sorry big dogs rock. love them to bits guess there are big dog people and little dog people thank god for both.

Amy Dalgliesh

Funny, this week my mom said something about getting a goat for the grass, I said we need sheep. Yesterday a friend sent a picture of a sheep in a hallway and last night I dreamt that we got 2. Now today, you're talking about sheep....maybe I need to do some research and learn exactly what it takes to care for them...maybe it's a sign.

Amy Dalgliesh

Right now, looking at the grass in my front yard, with temps nearing 100 degrees each day, I just might consider trading some cats for sheep...although, as hot as it is, I'd probably have them in the a/c with me and the grass would remain high.