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Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2010

Here’s a fun question… naming the new baby mini donkey , who is incredibly friendly ( people & animals ) he loves to be brushed & greets you with a rather loud Yeee Haw as he runs up to meet you half way in the field… however 2 names are in the running



please express you prefrence

Comment by Mo — August 9, 2010 @ 10:56 am |Edit This

I am resposting this same pic because I am at work and my other pics on my computer ... I think you need to look at this cute little ass while you vote on his name ... hehe (Jenn)



Now that is teamwork & co-operation in action

Thanks all

Ziggy Newton thanks you too Zorba wasn't what he wanted to be called... and I looked up the lyrics to Ziggy Stardust... it made me wonder what the heck was I on when David Bowie was my be all end all..

I'll be doing the big fig Newton Dance in lieu of singing


I know I'm late posting, but I think that this adorable little guy got absolutely the best name. Ziggy is cute for a cute little guy, and having a second name is perfect. So, my congrats to you all, and I'll be here sending happy, positive, healing throughts to Ziggy Newton!


How about Murphy? I was thinking of the donkey in Shrek and the voice was Eddie Murphy. If not, then Newton.


why don't we name him ziggy newton... almost like figgy newton so you can still sing the happy silly song but we can yell at him quite sternly when he is bad too.."Ziggy Pop Newton!! KNOCK THAT OFF!!!!!!")..i think the whole " moms are pissed at me"...... sounds way scarier when using all three names.


I like Zorro. It is not in the running for a name choice, but he has a battle ahead of him, so he should be equipped with a valiant name... I'm sure you won't call him that; but in my heart that's what he'll be.


sorry Mo I really want to vote for your name ... because Mom names everyone ... but I really like Ziggy ... it is cute and jazzy in my mind whereas Newton is a shaddy side of surrey )

Donna Brearley

If he was older and more mature, Newton would be a good name. However he is very young and Ziggy is a good name for a young mini donkey.


Ok I get to vote too

Newton... cuz I really don't want to be singing Ziggy Stardust while I clean up his poop... I'd rather do the dance for " The Big Fig Newton " ...

Lol perhaps I am aging myself.. but I was a HUGE David Bowie fan and the commercial for those cookies ( blech..if you can call them that)always made me smile... but I couldn't stand on 1 foor for long.

But I will call him whatever anyone wants if we can bargin the bad news away : - (


Isn't Ziggy a not to swift cartoon character? I think the new fella seems very intelligent so my prefrence is Newton.