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please excuse me here because my head still hurts..

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2010

there are times when i think i should stop trying to explain things, when i start to grasp that seeking understanding is different than having to defend. that sometimes people are asking certain things not because they are interested or don't quite understand...but because they are looking for ways to hurt me. not saints, not the animals..but me personally.

i am not talking about william far as i can know or tell, i do believe he is someone who just happens to not completely agree with what we do around here....and honestly that is ok. he is right folks...and we all know it...we could do it better with less animals...i am just not too comfortable with what would happen to all of the rest. and i do console myself with the knowledge, that even with less for them...most of them have actually found more.

it is sad isn't it.

but in re-reading the comments last night, a light bulb went on somewhere else and i realized one of the posters maybe wasn't completely honest in asking certain questions again.

my headache got worse...outright paranoia or a highly developed intuitive warning system?
i am never quite sure until the shit hits the fan again and i know my instincts were correct.

people accuse me of being controlling and honestly, i truly am (about some things.)

but i do have so little control about the actual actions of others and their ripple effects.

unless i am stupid enough to hand over the key....then it comes back to my own actions of trusting stupidly.

so let me make this clear cannot truly bury me under, forever never to rise unless you are absolutely willing and able to sacrifice the animals lives. so before you act...think about the ripple effect and what it will truly mean to the animals.

there are things you can't turn back from, there are consequences to others you can never ignore, there are possible past moments at your own life end that you will remember and be truly ashamed for.

hatred is something that makes us do terrible things..nothing good ever comes from letting that all consuming fire direct our thinking, our actions, our conscience.

i have to honestly say that i carry no hate for any others inside me...but i carry a great deal of fear because one night a bad headache and emotional exhaustion may make me stupid enough to put the animals at risk here.

william..i am sorry...i will never put a sticky, ask me anything question flag on the top of the would be fine for up front and honest folks to use to learn and understand something better..but that is not the only things it could be used for.

i should have thought about this before....duh.



Thanks for answering my inane questions Carol... now that I know the pond is safe I will be out for a dip soon. Would love to see BiBi's new hairdo up close.

Ann C

How about Zig Newton (Fig Newton - get it?) Sorry Mo couldn't resist!(For those who may not know a fig newton is an english biscuit and he looks like a cute cookie to me)


Here's a fun question... naming the new baby mini donkey , who is incredibly friendly ( people & animals ) he loves to be brushed & greets you with a rather loud Yeee Haw as he runs up to meet you half way in the field... however 2 names are in the running



please express you prefrence


Thats why I never asked you a question. All this crap takes energy and emotional well-being from the main focus.The SAINTS.
Its human nature to want people to like you but the bottom line is, really, who cares?? Will they pay the bills or help in any other positive way? My humble advice is to move on and forget the critics. You run saints with a pure heart. Nothing else matters.If someone can do better than step up and start their own rescue and show us all how it is done:)
Take care