Rescue Journal

harvey et al.

Nicole  ·  Aug. 12, 2010

Tammy asked me how Harvey was doing and if i had any photos. so i will post an update on him aswell as the little kitten we have.
He is doing great. Still fat. but on a diet. I haven't brought him back into work to weigh him since they started on the diet but he still looks as big as ever. They get along really well. Occasionally they will swat at eachother but it's only briefly and usually because Buttons has walked into Harvey (Buttons has no eyes).
This is him and Buttons on my bed (buttons is rolling in cat nip and harvey was eating it)

On to the kitten. His name is Drake but we usually call him the bad kitten.
This was him back in June when we got him:

This is him tonight:

He needs a home, with another playful cat (or dog as he is currently upstairs wrestling with a pug who is staying with us). He is about 3 months old and we will be getting him neutered asap (i just need to remember!).
He is a fantastic playmate to Gitzy (no I didn't name her), that is the cat he is chewing on in the photo. She is incredibly shy with new people but loves to play with him. I'd love to find a home for them together but I'm not holding my breath. (she is a foster of mine from the SPCA) oh and she only has 3 legs. and is three years old.
And for those who don't know her, this is Sandy:

And no one has met Ralph but this is my 38 year old turtle:

Also Jenny is doing great. Just came back from a long walk with her and Sandy where she got to pee on many many things. She has gotten down the routine of coming with me to work. And her and Shrek still have the random 'almost' playtimes.
Oh and shrek and fiona are good.



how long have you had your turtle. where do you keep him. my kids have 2 turtles and they are in an aquarium with a floaty device. i keep saying they should make someyhing outside for them for once in awhile to be outside but they ignore me. they are getting quite big and i think they need more than they are getting. any suggestions.


Thanks for the Harvey update. So glad he is happy, fat or not.
The rest of your crew look pretty great also.
Don't bug Harvey too much if he isn't losing weight. Sam gained three and a half pounds after I put him on a diet.


I like your little story; and mostly, your old turtle.
Several years ago, when my son and I went to Cancun, one of the highlights for us both was watching some volunteers (we were allowed to help) release baby sea turtles and help guide them along to the ocean, if they strayed off course. It was twilight, and it was such a moving experience, knowing perhaps a few of them could live to 200 yrs. old. Watching them get swallowed up in those waves, their tiny flippers propelling them on was something I will never forget.