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oh yeah...

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2010

i feel like absolute crap today because i only had one day off between work day weeks this time around. it puts new meaning to "thank god it is friday"...i am too old for this shit.

maybe i am not crazy at all..maybe i am just tired and bitchy...maybe i am just feeling sorry for myself because life sometimes is hard.

altho, if i were to be honest...what the heck do i have to feel sorry for myself about?....i am not an old homeless incontinent dog with 2 fractures in my pelvis, i am not an ancient blind lost cat starving out in the bush....i am not an elderly person alone with no family or friends, i am not a young human so devastated by illness that i cannot get out of bed.

when you consider the depth of the suffering that goes on around each of us each day...when i consider the courage and grace that walks inside that suffering....i truly should be and am ashamed.

oh well, a few folks are back at me again and probably will be until we all die...i banned them from what was apparently their most favoritest i think bouncers are supposed to be popular and well liked?
i really have got to stop choosing to watch the dart games with my face or back as the target.

honestly....i have nothing better to do?..i know it is only going to piss me off so why do i do it?
sadly it is because i am more like scrappy scarlett ohara than i am like sweet melanie wilkes..i am more like hellboy than i am that glowing good witch of the north with her wisdom and gentle smile....i would so like to be accepting and full of god's best kind of grace....but good luck to me on that one.

but i know i do take care of others quite my own way.

so how do i get past this?... how do i move forward? how do i stop getting myself bogged down all the time?

i am so out of good ideas on that one....except maybe....

thank you KO..the lawns look great around here......thank you again kathy k and samantha the groomees look wonderful again....thank you to everyone, staff, volunteer, supportor and friend for all of the good things that you do for all of us here.

sigh...and now i had better get moving for work.



sorry, if this is a partial dupe, I hit a wrong key while typing and lost the comment before I finished.

I live in Florida and have never heard of a rescue like yours here. Granted, I haven't looked very hard, but still, not in the news or in animal/rescue publications. So...I think what you're are doing is godsend for these unfortunate animals who had/have no voice in what happens to them in their final days when noone else cares.

The only "people" you should worry about pleasing are the 4-legged (or three) and feathered ones that call the Saints their home and sanctuary, they are the ones that matter.

To the critics, I think this says it best:

"Never judge a person unless you've walked a mile in their shoes"

Keep up the great work!


why do you worry so much about what others think.that is wasted energy,concentrate instead on the animals. they are why you are here they need your love and support, people dont. people come from a different agenda and it usually concerns themselves. do not feed into their negative energy. we are all here to help and support you we love the animals as if they were our own. concentrate on that. i would not have been there for 3 some years if i did not feel it worthwhile. i remember every animal that has passed and am glad i got to know them they passed on loved and happy and is that not what matters. it is really hard for me to understand why people have the gall to criticise when they are not there for any lenght of time and even if they were do they have a better solution. i have seen so many animals pass away at saints and they went knowing they were loved and what more can you do for them.


carol do not second guess yourself you bring in animals that need to be saved screw everyon;e else that bitches i am so sick and tired of the people that come out and view saints for a day o9r so and think they know most of what goes on. i remember rosie, so sweet and so abused by her owners.loved her to bits she had a great last bit of her life at saints all the animals that have come in are so lucky a nd if you have doubts carol put them aside. it is not what the people want it is want the animals need. and they need you.

Mauro Salles

The last two unsolicited advices given by a stranger:

=> How do you get past this? How do you move forward? How do you stop getting yourself bogged down all the time? Just stop choosing to watch the dart games with your face AND back as the target.

=> You aren't SAINTS and vice-versa. No offence and no pun intended.