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this past couple of weeks has been good for...

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2010

squishing the whole saint, angel, hero, you are an amazing person kind of thing. there were quite a few dirty and stinky little feet, including mine, dispelling any illusions of celestial beings involved in rescue in bc.

and i guess that is good news in the long run for the animals.....if i can be such a balls up, crazy fumbling idiot and STILL care for them sort of puts the rest of the world on the exact same even playing field.
if these guys and others, like them, really did have to wait for some shining, heavenly angel to appear...then they are totally screwed.

but if they can count on ordinary people to just do ordinary kind and respectful to them, clean up a bit of pee and poop, take them to the vets when they need it and give them a nice place to live......well shit man....they could and would find SAINTS all over the world.

so why is this so impossible for them?
i really don't have a clue.

i think as humans, we make everything so difficult. we lost the ability to think and act with just good common sense...we make everything such a big deal.
we have to have angels (and devils) to justify the things we do and don't do.

i watched "hellboy 1 and 2" yesterday with the bed buddies....we all slept thru most of was a nice and simple way to share a late saturday afternoon and evening together. (sadly, we cannot ever post his pic again...apparently this breaks some copyright law and gets everyone going on about something all over again.,...we humans have a sacred rule somewhere about every and anything you can possibly is no wonder we have trouble identifying simple right from wrong. )

anyway, i still really do like that guy, even if i can't chuckle anymore at the addition of his photo's and caption's on the blog! (i did truly enjoy that one jenn!)....anyway, again....if you strip away his origins and his supposed destiny and the world's assumptions about him, there is not too much that is complicated....he was just one of the good guys (who dresses practically and likes cats.)

the next time someone tries to tells you how great or horrible, how much of a hero or a victim, how smart they are and how stupid is the rest of the world in rescue is....just tell us all not to flatter ourselves overly much...we are just ordinary people and we are just doing ordinary things.

when reduced to the basics and stripped of the is pretty easy...maybe more folks would like to give it a try sometime...i think the animals would like that.



ya no one really knows how many animals we have. just tell them to shut up and voila the problem is solved. ann can you give me a call 8267287thanks

Chris T

Make nice with your neighbours, make sure your dogs never ever bark outside for any length of time and take in an old dog or two. That is how we do it.


Good for you, tell it like it is. I think for many of us who would even take in one or two more dog, it is the zoning by-laws that deter us. I have 2 and would take in an old, ill mutt or two if I was sure I wouldn't be reported. Then, what do you do? Keep up the good work!!!