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why do folks read this blog?

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2010

do they just read it so they can sneer at me? so they can find something big and important to write about on their own blogs (or comment on mine), like what a freaking lying, animal relationship, daisy idea, copy write, kennel licence, cookie and carrot and flax seed miserly thief and total ungrateful moronic founder syndromed, absolute shit head i am?

excuse me for taking this personally.

there goes another freaking nights sleep wasted for nothing...thx amy for clearing my one gives a ratz ass about the animals...what they really care about is me.

i am taking a break from this computer for a while....i can't afford to go crazy from bullshit i need some time to rebuild my pathetically dishonest and delusional view of my life....shoot me dead if i ever see the world thru the crystal clear eyes of the shining...i think prefer my foggy near sighted illusions instead.

SOMEONE is trying to keep you on the defensive and this takes away from time spent with ME. Forget about em' MOM and come rub my belly it is very soft.



Why do I read this blog? Because the pictures are adorable, the captions a hoot, and, over the past 2 years, I have become "attached" (via the 'net) to the animals who live at SAINTS and their goings-on. I root for their recoveries and I weep when I read their eulogies.

I do have admiration for you, Carol, because you bring dignity to those whose lives may have lacked it in the past. No animal should die alone or in pain, and you do your damndest to ensure that the animals under your watch live what remains of their lives to the fullest.

I do not know Carol personally, just what I have read in this blog. Carol, you could be the crustiest, most disagreeable person on the face of the earth, but in my mind, that shouldn't matter one bit if you're doing the best you can for those animals. I too, invite those naysayers to spend a weekend doing all the work you and your staff/volunteers do. If they are truly concerned about the wellbeing of the animals (and not whether they like or dislike YOU) they will put up or shut up. They can start up a rescue and run it the way they want. Those who can, do.

I will remain a silent follower, and respectful of what you and your staff do. Thank you for being honest, and thank you for caring for these animals.


Why do I read this blog?
Originally, I found this blog through a link from another animal rescue blog, Turtle Gardens in Topley, BC, and after reading several stories about the animals at SAINTS I was hooked. What keeps me coming back is the stories and the pictures(oh, those lovely pictures with their wonderful captions)of the animals at SAINTS. Sometimes those stories and pictures make me laugh, sometimes they make me cry and always they make my heart full of wonder and happiness.
Being a relatively new reader of the blog (just a few months), I must admit I am a bit confused by many of the posts in the last couple of weeks. There must be some insider information and blog posts on other sites that I am missing because I can't figure out what a lot of this is about.
I miss the stories about the new animals coming in, their histories of why and how they made their way to SAINTS. I also miss the stories about the everyday antics of the many wonderful personalities that live at SAINTS. The stories of the passing of the wonderful animals touch my heart and make me appreciate that there are people willing to make sacrifices in their own live to care for senior and special needs animals.
Personally, I think you, Carol, are amazing for the task you have taken on and the sacrifices you make in your life to help these animals. Please know that there is a silent group out here in cyberspace that appreciate what you do and support your work.


i have to say that the picture of daphne made me laugh..she really does lay like that a lot.
and thank you to everyone for all of the kind words...i really don't expect everyone to like or agree with me all of the time...but at least a minimal respect for basic manners would be greatly appreciated.


I try to read the posts chronologically so I read the post with the most recent inexplicably negative comment first and commented to that.

But I am surprised to see these weird harping comments. I wouldn't mind at all if they were deleted as they really don't serve a purpose and detract from the purpose of the blog which seems to be to keep all informed about the animals and also to provide an outlet for Carol to sort out her thoughts.

That's why I'm here--I am naive to think that I would one day want to provide mini-rescue beyond my rescued house pets, and I can only read in wonder at what occurs in a shelter such as SAINTS.

I don't give a whit as to the detractors' thoughts. Please go away detractors. Waste of time and energy. And actually reading those comments somehow ruins my day too. I just feel icky and sad. Delete delete and filter filter. This is not the kind of place to offer a multitude of voices, there are forums for that. I just want to read SAINTS stuff please.


Ditto what Helga said.

I also read the blog because it is often very funny, always enlightening and thought provoking. I've learned a lot from it.

But the number one lesson from this debacle is the art of considering the source. If someone you know and respect tells you to examine your behaviour, then you take it to heart and act on it.

If someone you don't respect, don't know or who hates your guts tells you that you suck, (and in so many different ways!), then you consider the source, ignore them and don't give it a second thought. You certainly don't let them know how much they've gotten to you, because that is what they want. You don't engage with them, don't give them any credence, and hopefully block them from commenting on this blog from now on, as they are destructive not just to you, but to the animals.

Oh, and I LOVE reading the blog for Jenn's photos and captions: pure entertainment!

Amy Dalgliesh

So many times Carol's words feel like they were taken directly from inside my mind (albeit with more creativity and clarity). In the end, whether I am laughing or crying from what has been written, I feel that I am not alone. I know there are others who understand from experience my feelings of joy, humor, frustration and heartbreak when it comes to caring for other people's castoffs. Carol, please don't let the naysayers get you down. There are plenty of us that count on your words to keep us up....not to dump more responsibility on you or anything.....


Why do I read the blog? Well, because once upon a time I was out voting for my local shelter on a Shelter Challenge, and noticed this S.A.I.N.T.S. in Canada, so I went to visit simply because of the name. I've been hooked since. I LOVE to read about the animals, and I too like that you don't sugar coat anything. Our shelter is very small in comparison, all of our dogs are in foster care, but we have our share of ups and downs, politics, nay-sayers, and criticism.

It's nice to have someplace to go where I can read about all the things that the animals do, laugh, cry, rejoice, rant, and stand in indignation and disbelief at what outsiders say about rescue. Whoever said "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" apparently lived in a bubble - words HURT, you just can't see the damage on the outside.

I too would hate to see the blog shut down, but I really like Lynn's idea of requiring approval before comments are posted or accepted. Everyone has the right to speak their mind, but personal attacks on a public website are small and petty. Growing up, we all heard "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." Maybe it's time everyone remembers that advice.


Carol, when people attack they usually have issues of their own to deal with. You can have, and have had, disagreements with people. You have separated paths with them - you going your way and they going theirs - without words on the internet becoming cannon-fodder.

Words like these are a cancer, they spread through the nearby cells infecting healthy ones. The only cure is removing them, permanently. Perhaps Nicole could change the blog to requiring approval before comments could be made; a pseudo membership. That way, if someone becomes abusive, their membership can be revoked!



There is just no need for you to have to read all the crap. Is there anyone (Nicole?) who can go through the comments and delete the sh*t so that you don't have to read it? Or just turn the comments off permanently. Although I would hate to see that happen, sometimes there's just no better option.

Your energies are better spent doing what you do best -caring for the animals.

(And besides, it just feeds the Trolls when you get upset!)

Jenn Hine

I am with Helga, as a volunteer and supporter I use the blog as a communication tool. When I post something it is general meant to inform the reader about what is happening at SAINTS or any upcoming events. I like to add pictures and videos to posts to because they provide another dimention of meaning/communication to the post.

AS a reader I like to know what is happening when I am not there (which is most of the time) I like to read the comments and hear what people I never meet are thinking about something and I value their opinions too. But like Helga I can feel upset sometimes when things get too personal and Carol becomes a target for those with a bone to pick--this I feel takes away from the work of helping the animals the best way we can. But I think some people will always be bitter and petty at those around them no matter what this is unfortunate. I think in the future it is best to just ignore it and not let it get to you mom.


I read the blog because your writing style is insightful and at time hiliarious. I get to "know" the animals and I think saints and all it's volunteers are amazing.


I read the blog to find out what is happening with all the critters and if there is something specific we should or shouldn't be doing. Sometimes all the other stuff being commented is vastly upsetting and seems contrary to the prime objective of animal well-being. Sorry, I don't know if this makes sense but there seem to be a lot of agendas out there distracting attention from the animals.


I had to think/wonder when I read Amy's post..... I thought/wondered

1) instead of listening to what others may have said, try coming out for a few week-ends & get some first hand knowledge
2) what makes him/her think they know how you feel
3) he/she has the right to feel whatever they feel when reading the blog... but speaking as a volunteer.. I am not there for any Kudos thank you very much , I am there for the animals
4) good on him/her for helping a behavivoral challenged pooch.. now give him up to a forever home & make room for the next one.. and so on & so on & so on

But I was really hoping Carol would just ignore the post completly... next time OK

Jane Stanley

Carol, I too have been reading your blog for awhile, and think that your committment, many capabilitites and true heart are amazing. I have learned so much from your daily messages.
Fear not - you are not going crazy. It may be that your age, rather than a lack of sanity, is making you lose sleep. This too shall pass.


Carol, I've read this blog for a couple of years now and I read it because I think what you do is totally amazing. I wish I could do it but I can not. You are a great writer and what I love the most is you don't "sugar coat" anything just to appease your readers. You tell it like it is and for that I appreciate you, what you do AND this blog! THANK YOU!


Oh and in answer to your question - I read the blog because I love animals, I love what you do , I think you are a fabulously gifted writer and I love hearing about and supporting something that I'd love to do but dont have the guts to. I'm often in tears all the way over in Australia and wonder how you do it and feel so grateful that you do.


Seriously, so many of the negative posts seem to have a similar theme - I can't help but think they come from the same source. And I agree - why would someone read this blog just to make negative comments if there was no ulterior motive?
As an animal lover and blog reader I'm sick of a bunch of selfish people feeling the need to drag you down and ruin the blog for the rest of us. Clearly some have too much time on their hands and need to get some semblance of a life.
Are you able to block comments from particular posters? Please ignore the crap Carol and get back to doing what you do best!