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properly punished and reminded...

Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2010

i came into the kitchen yesterday and ryan was holding caspar in his arms. caspar had that droopy, moist, ever suffering and "finally someone noticed" eye thing going on where he looks quite content but at the same time even more pathetic.

he is of course the quintessential poodle...born and bred to be a loyal and faithful companion to someone more appreciative than me. he makes me laugh..the accusations that dog can send without uttering a single word....he reminds me of my mother.

and here is the thing about is his own freaking fault that he is stuck at saints, feeling unappreciated for his unique personality and skills in the proverbial crippled herd.

finding a home for a diabetic is hard enough...finding a home for a little pissed off diabetic that snarls and rages thru his muzzle during twice daily injections is reaching for impossible.

i am really quite fond of the little bugger, and i think he is somewhat fond of me too...when i have time to let him do his job the way he feels he should.

in the between times, he can self actualize on his own...on rainy days mo, ko and wendy will carry him around and dry him in their warm coats, laura will think his blood sugars are low and take him in for an extra snack, kathy k will snuggle with him and make sure he is always well groomed, and now ryan will hold him close and kiss his little nose.

but his looks of "see...this is what i need, you stupid human being" towards me at times, reminds me..i really do need to find him a home and a person of his own.

anyone know anyone who is not afraid to have to twice a day muzzle and poke the little beast?...the rest of the day and night, he is sweet and nice.

Do you think Sara (Chance's Foster Mom) would adopt me? Because I want his life!



welcome back brenda! ive a favour to ask you...can you email me? thanks!

Brenda McCormick

Ok, I'm finally back in town and back to work, and I am happy to say that I will be out on Sunday morning - by 8:30 to clean house! (that's clean the house, I mean) I tried to read back as far as I could on the blog - some of it very upsetting and hard to get thru - but I do read the blog to keep up to date with who is incoming, who is not doing well, any specific requests or important info from Carol re the animals, and I do enjoy the day to day little stories on any given SAINT written by Carol - and I love Jenn's captions and pictures! See you Sunday!


Caspar is the coolest little dog, when he hangs out during barn cleaning he will come into the stall & just sit & stare at me ... which means .. I am ready to be picked up & adored & I don't really want to wait. So of course the pick gets put down & the pooch gets picked up. I would miss him terribly, but he will make a wondeful companion for someone who is able to manage his twice daily metamorphosis to a little monster. Oh & he gets the best zoomies going.

Heads up as well I will not be able to make it out on Sunday . So looking for back-up... any takers ???