Rescue Journal

this made me get much kindness and concern for our guys all around (except by me because i forgot they were going and forgot to worry)

Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2010

have to tell you I was so worried about taking those fragile
doggies for grooming today. All the way there I was consoling Harold
cause I thought he was crying and barking and clearly unsettled and
then I realized 3/4 of the way there that it was Max making all that
noise and yet he was safely in a crate with Mandy. He always does
that come to think of it. Sam says to keep up with the ear cleaning
and I'll take him back in again soon and we'll slowly get that inner
hair cleaned up.

Harold was so fine I could not believe it, made it in/out of the car
and up those 30 stairs to Sam and then sat beautifully like he had
done this all before.
Max, they handle him with kid gloves and SO much kindness and love I
don't ever worry, Sam is so awesome and so are her team of groomers.
On the ride home, not a sound and my car smells much better too, lol.