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ok...maybe i am wrong here...or maybe not...

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2010

i was telling leila that the reason i liked harold so very much was because maybe he was smarter than me. some times i catch him looking at me and other things so deeply consideringly. i said if there was such a thing as reincarnation..maybe harold not only used to be human..but maybe he remembered it too.

now i am thinking....sometimes you can be wrong in how you perceive things you don't quite understand or things that are so different from what you have had experience with yet.

so i am now not quite sure about he absolutely brilliant or has he maybe, truly not a brain in his head. sometimes, honestly it is hard to see the difference in someone you don't quite understand.

but here is the thing...time will always tell...eventually....who we are....we can't help it, it just comes out.

late last night monty and harold got into an argument...yes monty was being a bit over reactive but harold did not have to also react. harold is bigger than monty, and around here..bigger better be better cuz bigger can hurt someone smaller so i yelled at harold and pointed the deadly finger right in his face and told him he better take his bald butt and go lay down somewhere right now!

he knew i was mad at him...he walked a couple of steps away...looked back at me, smiling, and gently wagged his tail....awwwww...look at him....i must have misunderstood...he is so kind and gentle, he wouldn't hurt a just isn't in him.

so i go back to trying to understand an email i was reading when suddenly right behind my chair, i hear a loud...CRACK.

i turn in my chair and look behind me...and there is harold calmly looking at me with the same gentle wag of his tail, and he has a literally shattered, thick, hard melamine bowl in his mouth.....holy freaking shit you know how hard that dog had to bite down to shatter that thing in his mouth????

so here is my question harold so brilliant that he was very effectively showing me that if had wanted to hurt someone, he easily could...or was he showing me that when he finds an empty plastic food bowl, he thinks if the food is all gone, the bowl itself might be almost as good?

who am i living here with?...a freaking genius or a complete and utter moron?
this enquiring mind wants to know.

“Hey Carol, you disrespectin’ me? You disrespectin’ me?!! ‘Cos I don’t like it when people disrespect me. If Monty and me got a problem, we got a problem and I gotta deal with it. Now, I don’t want no trouble between us but, just so’s you know, I could break you like I just broke this bowl. Capiche? Now, don’t ask me about my business no more. Fugget about it.” *caption by Marisa



June Denomie


I THINK I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3 LOL!!!

Ann C

That is sooooooooo funny Marisa, I'm like Jenn I was laughing out loud.


YAY!! Jenn, I feel so privileged to make it to "caption" status as I think you always write just the perfect words for each picture.

Jenn Hine

Marisa!!! reading your comment had me uncontrollably laughing out loud in my very quiet office and I almost spat out my apple juice on my PC screen! Perhaps you should be writing the captions on this blog. Love it.


Oh, I think he is a genius. I lived with a canine genius for 11 years. She outsmarted me every day. Not only that but never used the same senario twice to get the warm spot on the couch.

Yesterday one of my dogs peed in the house for the first time. I'm trying to figure out which one. (Not their fault, I was away a long time) I called over the male and showed him and I'm sure he is thinking "that ain't mine ... can't even tell female pee from male. Just smell it?" Sooooo, I vote for genius. How did us humans get to rule the world anyway????


LOL!! This post strikes me as very funny. It made me think of Harold as some kind of mafia guy whose inner monologue is something like, "Hey Carol, you disrespectin' me? You disrespectin' me?!! 'Cos I don't like it when people disrespect me. If Monty and me got a problem, we got a problem and I gotta deal with it. Now, I don't want no trouble between us but, just so's you know, I could break you like I just broke this bowl. Capiche? Now, don't ask me about my business no more. Fugget about it."