Rescue Journal

the following post contains foul language and thoughts of extreme violence and IS NOT suitable for all audiences....reader discretion is strongly advised

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2010

fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!!...i am going to kill every single fucking fly in the world!

sometime between 8 pm bedtime last night and 8 am good morning this morning...lucky had explosive, liquid stool everywhere. renee asked if i wanted her to bath her this morning cuz it was cold...i said no...just wipe her off and we will comb it out.

then i went in to feed and do dusty's insulin...and lucky was looking a bit frantic to me. i got a really bad feeling in my gut and called renee to come and help me bath her. and as soon as the water started running thru her coat, the fucking maggots started to appear.

on a scale of one to ten of disgusting maggot infestations i have seen...this was probably a two, cuz it was just a couple of hours old...but a two still means several dozen putrid, squiggling white things tormenting one of my dogs.

i swear to god if it wouldn't have hurt lucky, i would have taken a blow torch (if i had one) to those horrible and monsterous things. i think we got them all but you can never be sure so lucky is now in at the vets for shaving.

i was going to do the diabetics, take the refill prescriptions in to the pharmacy and have nap before my afternoon shift because i am tired i am too pissed off, too emotionally violent, too sick to my stomach and too riddled by guilt to do anything useful or even better, relaxing, before i go to work, except rage on the blog at the unfairness of life (and opportunistic fucking flies) and my beloved and tormented un-lucky dog today.

rescue freaking sucks.

I can't even talk about this



Hi there Emma.
Give Nudge a big hug from me. Good to hear from you all.


im sorry, wtf? flies come along and lay their eggs on live animals? ive never heard of this! and you dont know it until theres maggots crawling around on them? are you *!#^@ kidding me? carol dont forget im coming up at 7am sat morn.


the clinic said we had gotten them all and did a really good job so that was good...but she still needed to be shaved cuz her skin is red and sore around her tail and rectum so they just would have been at her again.
she just had another really loose stool so whatever is upsetting her tummy is still there. we started her on flagyl so hopefully the diarrhea will clear up soon.

poor lucky...i asked the clinic to shave off her entire tail to prevent them from just moving to somewhere else next time...her tail now looks so very stupid, i now regret doing that to her.(but i won't regret it tomorrow or the next day if she still has diarrhea) one feed her treats or anything else at all..i am feeding her so she will not starve. not only is her GI tract in turmoil but she has put on a ton of weight in the past year....not good.

and you are absolutely right emma to be checking his bum, good lesson for us all...any animal with hot spots, open wounds, urinary incontinence or bowel problems or even eye or ear infections or matted fur... needs to be watched really carefully during fly is worse for us because we have lots of flies on the farm...but all it takes is one fly to cause a big problem and everyone has one fly hanging around their house at any given time.

i returned a call tonight about a found little shitz in terrible shape. by the time i got the message and had called her back..the woman had already kindly taken him to the vet...she said he was an absolute mess and his eyes were hidden and covered by matts...when the vet shaved the matts off, his eyes were full of maggots...sadly they had to must have felt horrible for him...poor,poor little dog.

anyway..i have decided to upgrade the air conditioning in the mp building before next summer by adding one to each area and a bigger one into the rabbit area...the house does not have a fly problem any more (but it used to) and i think that is because we keep the air conditioners on and it is too cool for flies to hang around over here any more.

find a problem?...find a solution, it is all you can i bought two more big bottles of marigold fly spray for the animals again today (it is non toxic but works fairly good)


You know what bugs me about flies is that they have a whole wide world out there to fly around in and yet they somehow manage to find the 1/2 inch gap when a window is open and fly in. Why would they want to do that when they have so much space and fresh air?? Are files stupid, desperate, bored or all of those things. And don't even get me started on mosquito's. I put screens up and yet I am still bitten during the night! I think I'm going to check Nudges bum for maggots now........................Hi to Tammy from us lot!


Yuck, maggots are my worst fear for my old guys in the hot summer months. I keep the hair on their bums shaved pretty short so I can keep a close eye on what's happening. We see alot of them at the Clinic with some of the old farm dogs in the area. They make my skin crawl !!!!!!!