Rescue Journal

i am sure everyone can imagine what it feels like...

Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2010

to have a 3 pound, half blind dog out on the loose in the dense bush. i imagine everyone can hear the same panicked thoughts and feel the same absolute terror racing right thru them...

anyway..pixie is safe (thank you god and good neighbor up the hill!)

i was at the second of 2 pharmacy's just about to pick up the last set of refills when the pixie got out call came thru.
we have a hole in the front yard that leads under the side fence...there was a very big and heavy log in that hole once upon a time but apparently not today. pixie saw her opportunity with her one very good eye and she was gone like a bat out of hell...don't know where she thought she was going but it very well could have been into the jaws of a coyote!

anyway..i was convinced she was still lost in that bush somewhere...there is at least 5 acres of bush for a little dog to get lost in. so i made renee and ryan jump the fence into the woods and beat their way thru the prickles and branches til they got to me over in the pony club.

i kept hearing the occasional bark..i would call renee and ask if she heard it too but she thought it was daphne who was mad at being left behind and not little blind and lost, you know who.

finally my phone rang and cathy up the hill had found a little white partially blind dog running the road in front of her.
and all i can say is.....thank you, thank you thank you...and whew.

maybe i will get the rest of the meds tomorrow..but who knows, it seems i am not destined to..but in any case it is time for work now so i better get ready for carol's sucking life, chapter 2.

and pixie, you little pain in the ass...good luck to you ever seeing the natural light of day in the outside world again for as long as you this particular moment, just barely past panic....i think you should forever stay safe in the playpen for ever and ever and way beyond even that forever too.

I am plotting my next GREAT ESCAPE, just you wait!



I can totally understand the fear you were feeling Carol.
My two pugs got out under my chain link fence about a month ago and I was frantic. Ping is a little brat and obviously the leader, Pedro has limited vision and just follows. They were gone for about 45 minutes and returned on their own while I was scouring the neighbourhood. While they were on their adventure they got into something, I suspect it was someones marjauna stash. They couldn't stand up, started vomitting, and were all twitchy.We spent the night at the Vets having charcoal pumped into their stomachs and on IV fluids. Both recovered totally from their adventure and haven't escaped since, needless to say the hole is totally fixed. Why do dogs find marjauna so appealing?