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Jenn's Saturday Pics

Jenn  ·  Aug. 21, 2010

I spent my usual Saturday at SAINTS being stalked and bossed around by the determined little daxi Daphne. She wanted to play ball all day, as per usual.

that's the way ahuh ahuh I like it, yeah. Stop taking my picture and throw the ball already

I gave a tour to a nice couple who was visiting from Ontario and they just HAD to come visit SAINTS. They are supporters of Upper Credit and Cats Anonymous back in Ontario and they spend a lot of time visiting with the FeLV cats.

The Rock and Miranda

Mama T and Brianne and Murray in the window

Sheila and Leila came down to sell tickets, try giving Scrappy his insulin and meet lotus (they are probably going to take them home to keep their solo cat company).

Leila and Sheila (hiding behind Pixie) and Lotus

Shelly also popped by to take some pics and meet the new guys as well as see her favorites.

Joey and Suzie are her favs and Ziggy is a new guy she has fallen for

Everyone looked great with their new hair cuts

Harold and Bibi look like two matching lion kings

It was a lazy day.

Monty and Morgan spent most of the day lounging

These guys can be pains in the arse ...

Pheobe wanted in and Reggie wanted out and Andy just wanted a cookie (and to bark at Pheobe)

Not all dogs got to heaven

Griffin, Jesse and Perdy all have to be watched around certain other dogs

But all sheep and chickens do go to heaven

Meet Caroline and one of 8 Classy Chicks

I gave a tour to family today and they were suprised how well the cats and dogs get along.

The Rock's paw and Al's paws

and the winner of cutie of the day goes to...




did you notice shelley that the new chickens no longer look like frankenstein birds? they are so lovely now..i am so proud of them, they made themselves into chicken beauty queens....they ate and drank well and rolled around in the dirt, the secret to chicken beauty! (shhhh...mama duck helped them a bit too by spoiling them like they deserve!)


Great to be at SAINTS on Saturday! I loved hanging with the critters and saying hi to all the hard-working humans who look after them. The horses in particular looked really good. Very sound and healthy. Great to see them so well cared for.

One thing that struck me was how much the animals all seem like family to each other, not even counting all the people who are in their lives. There must be some serious bonding happening on a level that we can't begin to understand.


Thank you for the photos. Of course I am partial to The Rock. He looks so good!!!! So do the rest of the animals in the pics. SAINTS does wonderful things!!!!!

Francesca Wilson

Wonderful photos to start the day. Carole, Marie and I will be at SAINTS this Wednesday, 25th.
Take care


great photo's jenn, thx for those... somehow i feel like i missed most of today...i was too distracted to look around me so the pics remind me of what was here that i forgot to see....some pretty freaking adorable animals...LOVE the griffin shot...he is such a little vicious twit sometimes.