Rescue Journal

lucky update

Carol  ·  Aug. 22, 2010

when i talked to the vet this morning...her temp was going up, her bloodwork was back and her WBC were based on that and her xrays, they were leaning towards pneumonia and have been treating her for this. the plan was to re xray her this evening and compare the radiographs to see how she was progressing. because the last xrays have that possible tumour like image in them, they are still not sure if this is an acute and isolated episode or if it is a secondary pneumonia to an underlying cancer.
i called tonight for an update..they have not yet repeated the has been busy there tonight...but she is resting comfortably with continued periodic episodes of gagging and coughing, she also is eating well.
so i guess i will call back in the morning to see how she is but for tonight she seems to be holding her own.

i am feeling anxious here..i want to know if she is going to get better and can come home or if she is reaching the end of her life and we have to let her peacefully go..i just don't want to leave her sitting in limbo..especially on the other side of the river and far away from home.

i am just so much more comfortable discussing these things with our own vets..they know where my head is at..i understand what they say to me and what they mean when they say it...i just feel like i am waiting for someone to tell me something concrete so i know where we are going with this.

i am so sorry lucky..i promise i will get the answers we need tomorrow for sure...i just don't want her last days or hours on earth to be feeling alone and vulnerable in a clinic somewhere.
this so sucks...patience in not knowing is not one of my strong points.


Amy Dalgliesh

I understand what you mean about your own vets. Emergency clinics are amazing places, but they rarely get the chance to know you or understand the knowledge you possess. It's like "training" a new vet while you are in crisis. Good luck Lucky, you have a world of people keeping their fingers crossed, hoping you pull through.