Rescue Journal

putting the baby to bed

Carol  ·  Aug. 22, 2010

you know...ziggy makes me sad. he is still a very young donkey child and he must miss the security and care of having his mom beside him. we humans so suck in our relentless attempts to determine what we think is ok to do to another species of animal.
taking babies from their moms to sell while they are still so cute and appealing and easy to handle is pretty close to the top of my list of human morality failures.

anyway..i thought he looked a bit sad and down at bedtime tonight..i told him, he has been a very brave and strong little donkey. and if he does need a surrogate mom for a cuddle sometime, he only needs to tell me.
ziggy rubbed his lovely nose (and his icky snot) all over the front of my shirt..then he shoved his whole face under my arm and stood there quietly for a minute.
i can't read donkey thoughts but i do think he was glad for the warm and soft cuddle.



perhaps a gentle female donkey could come to live with him? maybe the people who took Amos heve a female who could come to live with you, if only for a while?