Gala Table Sponsorship

Jenn  ·  Aug. 23, 2010

Here is the current table count and there is only one week to make changes as I will be taking the animal photos to Grand and Toy so that the table centre photo pieces can be edited and printed in time for the fundraiser.

There a still a handful that have not sent their money yet. Please play through paypal or email right away to arrange payment. Also there are a few tables that have not chosen a name or animal yet so please email leila and myself or comment below your selections or changes.

1. Felv Cats Blog Table: The Rock, Mother Theresa, Brianne and Murray. Sponsored by Carol Hine, Kim O'Neil, Louise Z., Pam Gregory, Charlotte Nordenberg, Amy Matthes, Leslie Clemet, Hellivi Diefenbach, Amy D, Brenda, Julie Frank, Louise Bundschuh, Barbara Tonnellier, Lynne Andersen, Karena Harvey, Helga Pirang. Total raise: $411

2. The Golden Oldies Table: Ms. Molly, Gideon and Stripe. Sponsored by Mauro Salles, Lory Reynolds and Laura Bishop. Total raised: $430

3. The Farm Dog Table: Al. Sponsored by Dawn and Hannah. Total Raised: $200

4. Memorial Table: Buddy & Sissy, Copper, Jewel, Lucas, Champ, Bill, Cole, Dexter, Michael, Tom, Lady Jane, Daphne Duck. Sponsored by Barbara Tonnellier, Lynne Aranason, Karen, Donna Bearly, and Tonnell Management Services. Total Raised: $250

5. The Grazer's Table: Pete, Edith, Gilbert, Chewie, Percy, Emily, Joy, Lehanie, Czar, Annie, Elizabeth, Caroline, Bailey. Sponsored by Stef, Cheryl & Merridth, Helga Pirang, Laura. Total Raised: $150

6. Pigs Fly Table: Ellie, Herman, Petunia. Sponsored by The Stead Family, Cheryl. Total Raised: $220

7. The Weird One: Jesse. Sponsored by J Bond and Sons. Total Raised: $250 (leila I made this a separate table because we were short one table).

8. Classy Chicks Table: (the 8 battery chickens) classy cassy chick, classy cassie chick, classy cassi chick, classy kassy chick, classy kassey chick, classy kassie chick, classy kassi chick, classy kaszie chick. Sponsored by Leila and Sheila Kullar. Total Raised: $200

9. The Meany Table: Frodo. Sponsored by Xine, Jenn Hine, Tammy Robson. Total Raised: $200

10. Sierra Distributions Table. Reggie and Carl. Sponsored by Kathy and Dave Kelm. Total Raise: $290

11. Sugar & Spice Table: Lucky, Dusty, Casper, Griffin, Angel, Scrappy. Sponsored by Shake-a-Paw, and Laura. Total Raised: $300

12. The Dog House: Kodi, Prudence, Peluchie, Joey, Merry, Lil' Big Bud, Squirt, Max, Mandy, Sammy, Pixie, Harold. Sponsored by Anne & Tony, Erin, Colleen Bridges, and Albert, Taff & Half Pint. Total Raised: $450

13. The LA Crew: Larry, Lola, Jenny, Shrek, Fi, Bridgette, Fluke, Abe (Nicole can you email me a pic of the last 5). Sponsored by Nicole McCelland and Colleen Bridges. Total Raised: $300

14. Feather and Furry Friends Table: Helga, Jerome, Floyd, Edwina, Quiet, the Avery Birds, and all of the Bunnies: Stevie & Amber, Bun Jovi & Anthony Hopkins, Bob & Ray, Tu & Thumper , O'Grady & Lincoln, Sydney, Billy, Puff & Spiffy, Princess Leia & Patches, and The Brown Betty's - Betty White, Betty Rubble, Betty Boop, and Betty Crocker (wow that is 20 bunnies!!!)Sponsored by Kathy O, Laura, Louise Z, Sheryl Riely, Meghann Cant, Matthew O'Neil. Total Raised: $275

15. Shy Guy Medical Room: Bobby Brown, Cali, Lilith, Charlie, Barney, Ruby, Dorris and Yoshi. Sponsored by Tannis, Louise Z, Tammy Robson, Kim O'Neil. Total Raised: $210

16. The Wild Ones: Dixie Chick and Andy. Sponsored by Cathie K and Barbara Tonnellier. Total Raised: $240

17. The Gumption Table: Bibi, Esther, Suzie, Daphne, and Tula. Sponsored by Pet Friendly Canada, Donna Bearley, Judy P, Lynne Aranason. Total Raised: $260

18. Guardian Angel Table: Squeakers and Hymie. Sponsored by The Guardian Angels and A.W. McGarvey Law Offices. Total Raised: $400

19. Pain the Arse Table: Jerry, Perdy and Pheobe. Sponsored by Feline Fancies Pet Care Services, Tammy Robson Total Raised: $250

Grand Total Raised: $5,266.00 :)

Lucky is very happy about how your support is helping pay for her emergency clinic vet bills. Come on Lucky we all want you to pull through our little Cinnamon girl.



The Pigs Fly Table actually has $220 on it for sponsorship...every penny counts when you are saving lives ; - )


No Barbara thank YOU and A.W. McGarvey Law Offices and Tonnell Management Services. The contribution are such a help.


i did realize i did not sponsor table 1 so thought there had to be a lynne anderson thats for the clearup. it is not really about our names anyway just the animals names are important. thankes.

Barbara T

Hello Jenn:
Thank you for correcting the sponsorship for table #18 I will be sending the link to show my client A.W. McGarvey Law Offices how their contribution will be assisting SAINTS animals.
Small correction please,I have an extra A in my first name, it is Barbara.
Also will be putting into the mail to Leila at Surrey address - tomorrow - another contribution of $65.00, this is for table #4 - Memorial Table from my company, Tonnell Management Services.


Hi Lynne Aranason, don't worry - I probably forgot to indicate to Jenn that the other Lynne was Lynne Arnason. I have you listed for the right animals. But there is a Lynne Anderson too who I believe adopted Spot. That is the Lynne Anderson who is sponsor for Table #1. The other Lynne(s) is you.


yes it matters lynne your name should be spelt correctly. Tickets sale are eh ... and so nicole is going to send out a little e-newsletter to SAINTS email list ... hopefully that helps although last year everyone waited until the last minute to buy their tickets..

** Kathy Kelm needs help with a table name for a table for Reggie and Carl any suggestions?


unless there is a lynne anderson. i know i sponsored bibi, copper lucas jewel and champ. and left my money in on desk in mp room. does not really matter anyway.


how are the ticket sales going and the auction items still want to donate something you need. any suggestions.on items.


I love Jolly Jumper Frog Hunter for Al.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I hope the evening is a huge success!


Omg Albert Spice ... I LOVE that dog he is the very bestest cuddler that I have ever experienced in my life and when his little tongue would hang out the side of his mouth... it simply melted your heart ... and Taffy and Half-pint... goodness I miss those guys & it is absolutley wonderful to hear about them... any chance of getting pics??? I am a picture freak. I know Half-pints original owner & she will be so very happy to hear that half-pint is doing well, she loved that little dog very much & it broke her heart to have to give her up.


emma so far you and tammy are the only ones to send in money for that table. Every sponsor on this list had send in their money execpt literally 2 people whom are SAINTS volunteers so we trust that they will be sending that in shortly, they probably just forgot. Forgetfulness is a SAINTS volunteer trait. Therefore, there were a few people who have not or may not send in money and so they are not currently listed. People can still make donations up until the end of the week through pay pal or they can contact Leila (he contact info is on the post) to make an arrangement to mail a cash or cheque to her to drop it off at SAINTS on Saturday.


I sponsored the Pain In the Arse table through my business so Phoebe has a place to sit and also one of my own ex Saints cat Jenny Two who is a right ROYAL pain in the Arse but I could have sworn someone else with their own Pain In the Arse dog had contributed too and joined Tammy and I for that table???


Ok I think Albert, Taffy and Half Pint would like to sponsor sammy at the dog house table because they can definately relate to her as she is a small senior dog who is toothless and loves to be cuddled!!! Thanks Albert, Taffy & Half Pint ... I think SAINTS is still paying off her tooth extraction bills and this will definately help!

Leila/sheila please see the names of your animals I pulled their names from a previous blog post you may remember I wish you luck putting their names on the plate card leila :) I am so evil I am good.

Laura/Lana I just recieved an email from Kathy and looks like she may want to sponsor Reggie and Carl ... I know its a strage combo but very intriging. I would like she where she goes with this ... so please do not be alarmed if I move reggie over to a new duet table with our alien llama.

Mom you think this is difficult. I think this is FUN. You go and take of the animals that to me is difficult and I will continue figuring out the sponsorship. we all have our roles.

**TO EVERYONE** So here is the plan. Each table with have a small photo centre peice (like last year) this looks best with no more than 3 photos so for the tables with more than three animals I am going to give the printer a picture of all the animals and tell her to pick three to use for the centre peice. Last year the photo centre peices were beauiful and elegant see here: and The plate cards, however, on each plate which are being designed and printed by Leila (in place of the table tale last year) will list all of the animals and donors for that table and will be a keep sake for people to take home with them at the end of the night. Hope everyone is ok with this. If you have any other suggestion I would love your input.


this is exactly why i don't do this kind of shit...oh my freaking do you possibly keep track of all of this!!!!
taking care of the animals is WAAAAAYYYYY easier.
i am boggled.


We just got another sponsorsorship of $200 donated generously by Albert, Taffy and Half Pint (I think Albert and Taffy are ex SAINTS). They have also generously allowed us to pick their table.

So the total is now $5201.00 WOW.

And Jenn I love the name of my table oops I mean mine Leila's table.


thanks lory and tammy you two don't miss I think I like that about you!

Tammy did you have an suggestions on how to fit the entire bunny herd (plus the ducks and chickens) on to the little table topper? Could we herd the herd together and get a group shot?


Dear Jenn, I know you spell Jenn with 2 "n"s but I don't think Gid (his close friends call him "Gid", close to God)uses 2 "d"s.
You are all doing an amazing job. Wish I could be with you on the 18th.

Jenn Hine

OMG how could I forget the golden oldies! duh. Mom am I catching your forgetfulness? totally!!!! Good eye laura and I will fix that right now. Lory Giddeon is at the golden oldies table that I have added table 2.


Hi Lory, it appears that there was a typing error. Table 2 is actually the "golden oldies table" with Ms. Molly, Gideon and Stripe. The sponsors are Mauro Salles, Lory Reynolds and Laura Bishop with a total of $430.
Al's table is actually Table 3 and so on until we get to Table 5 which is actually Table 6. That is why table 6 is missing. There is a lot of info there with animal names, people names and donation amounts and it is easy to miss something out.




What did happen to the oldtimers table? I sent in $200 on behalf of Gideon but his table only has $150?


What happened to the oldtimers table....Gideon, Stripe and Molly. Also add Chica to the dog house. Then for the tables that need a name don't forget about the back room don't do dogs cat gang.


yes Laura sponsored Bailey to be at the Grazer's table because that is where he truly wants to be

and yes merridth can co-sponsor with you and stef

Cheryl Stef

is there any way that you can add merridths name as helping to sponsor the table for the grazers, you can forgo stefanie and my name and put her name down as a partial sponsor...

thanks so much
cheryl, stef and merridth


lol bailey is at the grazers table. he would sure like to be grazing on them. thanks for thinking about him. he is special to me.


lpl bailey is at the grazers table. he would sure like to be grazing on them. thanks for thinking about him. he is special to me.


I don't see Bailey anywhere - is he at a table? Is it too late to make a donation? Shelagh.


Hi had a suggestion emailed to me by Tammy for Al's table: "ball boy" because he loves to play ball

so how about "the jolly jumper frog hunter ball catcher table"

OK and OMG there are 19 bunnies I have no idea how we are going to fit all the names and pictures on the centre peice and the plate cards ... haha any suggestions???


Yes definately angela I will add her as she had a lot a gumption stealing carol's toast and sticking her paws in her tea! lol. we all miss her.


Helga can you please email me the event info re: the garage sale in september so that I can get create a faceboon event and post the info here. Also if you have an electroniic poster we can ask Nicole to link it to the SAINTS event page. My email is Thanks!!!


anne I like the name jolly jumper but there is more to al than that ... how about jolly jumper frog hunter! haha


sorry Maggie, those were the names sent me by Leila who recievd the payment.


Table #17 - Jenn, I think Tula used to be part of our table. Can we still include her, in memoriam?


ooops...i fixed it to reflect the entire group as not everyone's individual name is on the original post and the event organizing folks wouldn't know this.


Hi Jenn
Table #18 'The Guardian Angel Table' was sponsored in part by a fund raising group referred to collectively as the 'Guardian Angels'. We appreciate the tip of the hat but are uncomfortable with just a couple of members being mentioned.


Perhaps Jenn could offer a few good suggestions for a table name for Al. I seem to running a blank for ideas..