Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2010

i just finished tidying the shop and moving a bunch of the disappearing flannels and towels back to the animal care areas. some of the dogs came over to help but they pretty much just pulled shit out and pissed on everything...they thought that was fun...i thought it just made more work for me. i sorted thru all of the recent donations and put most of that stuff away and made a pile of stuff we don`t need or is getting too thread bare for use anymore to take to the dump tomorrow.

i am getting anxious to start repairing the suite and working in the shop today just reminded me how much it`s current neglected state is bugging me...i really want it to be nice and usable up there again.

i took a break this afternoon and finally spread tyra`s ashes around the was quiet here and i needed it to be quiet when i finally did, now i guess it is finally done. tonight i will spread tunie`s ashes around the barn and then i have done what needed to be done for them both but i still feel their loss around here.

ziggy pop had the grossest nose today..i had to get a cloth and wash his face. i need to get back to the vets...he was here to check ziggy on tuesday but i still haven`t caught up with him to discuss our plan of ongoing care. i just called now and apparently i am on the list to call today so that is good.

little big bud went into the vets for blood work and a chest xray..i don`t think his cushings is very well controlled and he started coughing and had a bladder infection a week ago. the antibiotics helped the bladder infection, the cough is a bit better but not totally gone yet..and i do think the cushings is at the root of it all for him so i am glad he got checked out today.

lucky goes in to the vet tomorrow for her re-check..i am pretty happy with how she is doing. she gutted a stuffy last night and was carrying another around today so i know she is feeling much better.

i think that is all of the news thus far today.



we all miss tyra she was a great presence at saints. spreading her ashes hopefully gave you some peace. she loved her walks around the pond miss her stealing the cats food. kisses to you tyra.