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yes i do delete and once i start, i am consistent in following thru with the decision

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2010

day off today..i just got up....yay! getting up and out of here by 6 am for early shifts, totally sucks...but i got 8 full hours in last night for sleep and except for a stiff and sore back from it...i think i feel a little more rested....but maybe not.

just to continue with the open, transparent shit....yes there are a few people (four to be exact) who i automatically delete comments from on the blog and at this point it does not matter what they write..they could say something totally innocent or god forbid, even nice and i still delete. i give folks quite a few chances to play fair but once they have played their last chance card...the chances are gone, there is nothing left for them here. they made their points, several times in several ways....and if they can`t just let it go and move on, i see no reason for me to keep leaving the door open so i close helps both them and me to eventually move forward again.

finger pointing over the fence and bickering back and forth about any nit picking thing, doesn`t look good on any of us so i think we should all try to let go and move on..there is a whole big and important world out comparison...saints is not even on the map.

and if folks really do have trouble letting go and going forward...therapy might help to put things in perspective again. we all get bogged down in negativity and unhappiness is up to us to pull ourselves out and move on to happier things.

continual picking at sore spots never lets anything heal, it just causes chronically infected wounds..not fun for anyone and nothing to be overly proud of either..that is my deep thought for whatever it is worth today.

now i would like to think about nicer things, the past is done...and this day is still young....and i learned last night that i don`t like fruit loop cereal so i will avoid eating it doesn`t mean others who do enjoy it should stop having just means it is not something for me so i won`t buy it again, i like honey nut cherrios better....i think that is ok.



Glad to hear Nudge likes Weetabix. My boy Sam likes eggos. He's not really into cereal, but does like the milk.


I can't be doing with Granola, it takes way too long to chew and stuck in your teeth. Multigrain Cheerio's yes, Life cereal yes and Corn Squares too. Nudge enjoys Weetabix. It good for her constipation issues, clears her colon!

Brenda McCormick

Yes Ann, I will be there Sunday at 8:30 - and I like "Triple Berry Oatmeal Crisp" cereal with bananas in it. If you're gonna eat cereal, you have to doctor it up a little! Otherwise, why bother?


Nicole, you may have fruit loops mixed up with Cap'n Crunch for real damage to the roof of your mouth...


I can't remember the last time I ate cereal. I eat peanut butter toast almst everyday and on special days egg breakfast sandwiches or french toast. perhaps I ate too much cereal as a kid ... MOM!


lol lory....honey nut cheerios is way just open the box and pour into a bowl! (and it has honey and nuts so it sounds pretty organic to me...i don`t read the label..ignorance is bliss first thing in the morning)


How did I get involved with this group? I make (and eat) my own organic granola!


ya i like fruit loops too but only a handful at a time. stolen from my grandkids mouths, well not their actual mouth. lol i will be out on sat but not sun am going to kamloops to see my kids from up north and salmon arm for brunch. hopefully next weekend will all be back to normal.


why such a hate on for fruit loops, yes, they cut the top of your mouth but their sugary goodness is worth it.


Yeah Fruit Loops are not so great. Sugar Crisp is the cereal to get your sugar high from.


Mo, I would very surprised if you still like fruit loops unless you still liked them as an adult. Fruit loops are great when you are a kid because they are super sugary - not so great when you are an adult.

Carol, Sheila and I will be out on Sunday to pick up Scrappie and Lotus. We will also bring tickets for Wishes for Whiskers to sell.


Thanks Carol... deleting allows us all to move forward. As much as some of the posts truly upset & felt hurtfull to me... they were someones point of view and/or opinion & they were/are entitled to them... but like you stated , the bickering & back & forth stuff simply serves no purpose and is detrimental to everyone.

and BTW - I used to love fruit loops... so since you mentioned them... I will have to try them again & see if my tatse buds have matured ( unlikely lol)


K try that agains....tell them to click the link....


Here's their therapy for negative people (always makes me smile).......cause ya know aren't all our lives full of......... [yt]nQE7R6mzTL0[/yt]