Yard Sale to benefit SAINTS

Jenn  ·  Aug. 27, 2010


(below from Helga)

A lot of stuff for the yard sale is already organized with items being washed, shined, polished and priced. But if anyone has any clean saleable things to donate it would be great. I've just starting baking and freezing goodies for the baking table.

It would be really nice if I could get a couple of people to help on the day of the sale - setting up, helping with selling ( so one can make pit stops) and someone to explain Saint. We will need some brochures, a collection box and some of the Saints signs from the shop. Also if someone with a truck or a van could pick up a couple of folding tables at Saints and bring them here a couple of days beforehand it would really help. If the donated items will fit into an elderly Toyota they could be dropped off at Saints for me otherwise I am only a block and a half off Lougheed on Wren Street ( that's the corner with the traffic light and KFC).

I will put an ad in the local paper two weeks before the date and will ask vets, Valley Feed Bag, Leisure Center and various other places to post the flyer. And tack a few up on lamp posts a few days before.

Any other ideas for making this great are welcome.




Marvellous. See ya tomorrow. I'll park back of where you usually do and you can just pile it up by the car. Or stuff the back seat and trunk full. I'll leave both unlocked.


Sounds good Helga I will bring it right to SAINTS , I'll just bring a small load & transfer to your car... next Sat i will come to your place first with a larger load ...if thats OK


Hi Mo. Sunday morning I do Saints so will be out of the house just after eight. Can I get the stuff from you at Saints or do you want to pop in on your way home?


Helga I probably have another load or 2 .. how about Sunday morning for another drop off..same time ?


Thanks, Jenn. That would be great. You could be the Saints explainer. If the weather doesn't crap out on us and force us to move inside having a saint there would be really nice. There wouldn't be enough room to do that inside though. The house is pretty small and we've already accumulated an amazing amount of items.

Caroline, thank you very much for the offer. I'll get in touch with your hubby after Labour Day.

Erin, if you could pick up the tables that would be super. A couple of days before would be good or even the Sunday before if weekend is better for you.


would you like to have my hubby post the flyer on AbbotsfordToday?

all you have to do is send him the info at:

and he'll be more than happy to put it up for you


helga I could definately come and help the day of. Perhaps I could also bring the Xpen and a saint too. Hmmm perhaps daphne ... or reggie. Will see who mom will allow to come.