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creating a better world...

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2010

you can do this big or can be global or in your own backyard....(or bedroom)
you can try to move mountains...or you can just try to shift dogs.

sammy and griffin and reggie and i have survived the first full 24 hours together in my has not been easy. reggie screams, naturally...he is quite happy in there but his natural vocalizations...happy, mad, it doesn't matter are always in screams.

sammy and griffin spend the entire daylight hours trying to get back into the kitchen and computer area...min pins on a mission, they are determined to go where no dog has willingly chosen to go live before..out of the bedroom and back the other part of the house.

night time is different...sammy likes sleeping curled up tight against me...and griffin is happy that i brought along his bed and blankets to burrow deeply within.

daphne however is not so happy that the tiniest and most vicious of of the toothless dogs has tried to take over her space. now she has to try to figure out a way past both jerry and sammy to get to is making bedtime for her even more challenging.

because we were short staffed yesterday..we did not get to the rest of the dog shifting...i was just too tired to deal with everyone's emotional upset because OM freaking G...someone got moved 10 or 20 whole feet from where they lived before.

we are trying to create here a better world for them all...not for me mind you because i end up with all of the noisy, screaming, chaos causing rabble rousers in my bedroom....what fun.

here is the final plan...
jesse is moving to the office..sorry jess but your bad ass-ed-ness makes it too hard to even out bodies more fairly around here...the big dog room is not just for 3.

the big dog room will now/soon, andy, bibi, harold, and esther (and maybe bonita who arrives this afternoon)...all dogs who are nice and fairly polite...all dogs who really would like to come and go outside on their own.

my bedroom will hold...sammy, griffin, reggie, daphne, joey, peluchi, prudence, lola, jerry, suzy, chica and caspar...all busy, bossy and sometimes little assholes.

the computer room will house the quiet and frail...merry, angel (not quiet or frail, but blind), lil big bud, pixie, max, mandy, larry, molly and maude, (not always quiet either but both really freaking old,) yoshi and doris.
the entrance still belongs to phoebe as does the mp room to lucky and dusty.
and the kitchen will now be the domaine of both squirt and perdy until we can get squirt slowly accepting to a move over to the big dog room.

these are good puts the chaotic together...the frail gets the bigger incontinents closer to an outside door, and it gets perdy more room with still the empty laundry area to segregate when we have to move dogs in and out.

jesse is the only one who will have reason to really bitch too much about where he ended up but if he was nicer and not such a jerk...he would be still over in the house and not in the office so it is his own freaking fault.

i will tell you tho that the dogs do not agree with my almost perfect plan to make their world a little bit better...more equal in numbers, more suited to each of their needs.

and this is why even i hesitate to try to change the whole world out there because it is so very difficult and emotionally draining on everyone just to be shifting dogs around here a mere 10 or 20 feet.


Ann C

Is Harold allowed to go to the barn now or is he still restricted to the house yard?


bobby goes in tomorrow.

the ask for a donation from phil collins comment made me laugh!

Amy Dalgliesh

I am currently preparing for the hurricane here on the east coast of NC and I know what you mean. I have tried to explain to the cats that the adjustment is only for 24 hours and then they can go back to life as usual (we hope). Do they listen? The world as they know it has been turned upside down. They live in the moment and in their eyes I am royally screwing up said moment. We all know they will adjust, but they definitely let us know that they are not happy and aren't going to go quietly. They make sure we suffer also.....