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Ellie ART

Jenn  ·  Sep. 3, 2010

Ellie Mae is now officially ART. My aunty Di came and visited SAINTS when she was visiting for my sister's wedding back in July. She went home inspired and has just finished a beautiful watercolor portrait of the pink princess..



not the least bit upset here...just laying out the reasons behind the decision know me..blunt and to the offence taken, none meant in me it was just you asking the "why" of it all and me explaining the why...i am ok with that.


was just curious about bibi did not mean to upset you. he has settled in really well and totally loves you. it sounds like i kind of backed you against a wall and put you on the defensive which i did not want to do. my apologies. glad to meet bonita today she is very sweet and harold looks like he is having the time of his life. will see you tomorrow. still need to getaa that pepsi challenge thing happening. maybe dont vote until i get there and i will watch you. thanks


jenn, can you repost it here or to the SAINTS' fb group, because only the people who are her FB friends are allowed to see it.


when you are here tomorrow..i will help you with the pepsi voting thing.

bibi has no bowel or bladder control...he leaks both while he sleeps, it is from the spinal nerve damage.

bibi can`t be adopted out because he barely survived his last meltdown..he has made his peace..he is happy here...there is no point in upsetting and disrupting his sense of security again, he is a very anxious dog who does not do well with change..that last time was terrible, i won`t to do that to him again..why he can have the perfect home...(how many perfect homes are there for 12 yr old large mixed breed incontinent, crippled dogs with high anxiety who have less than a year probably to live) he is happy with the one he has now, if it is good enough for him than i am ok with that..he doesn`t have much more time left, i want him to be content not upset.

plus as far as anyone actually wanting to adopt him.... no one in their right mind would take on bibi in a full mental meltdown (and i don`t adopt out to crazy people)..if i barely survived it and almost put him would a normal person survive it...don`t forget the running away for his life, we almost lost him up that mountain..we could not get him to come to us or stop running, if laura hadn`t out run him, we would have lost him up in the bush for sure...the weeks that he was focused on continued need to escape, the constant pacing back and forth until he was lame, barking over and over and over again....unable to rest or sleep or even lay down, the explosive diarrhea covering the floors and the walls..i remember it all cuz i lived it with him.
for both of us it totally sucked. why would i do that to him again...i can`t.


because you must have facebook. i was wondering why bibi cannot at some point be adopted out. because of the incontinence. i did not know bibi was totally incontinent.


how come i can see it and i am the biggest loser of all with computer is a GREAT painting!