Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2010

the worst of the incontinents...the diabetics, the spinal diseased...are all in my freaking room!!!
it totally sucked this morning..and that was with full access to the outside doggy door!

bonita tried to free herself last night by chewing on the 2x4 at the base of the outside cat run...there are large splinters of wood with speckles of blood....hmmmm...all i can say is thank god she left all of the newly repaired walls alone...i checked her mouth it looks ok this morning.
she is one very determined pitty cross.....why do all of the new ones just to have to start eating the freaking building????
i keep telling them they will eventually settle in but no one ever believes me.

i can't remember if i told you that bibi's previous family came to visit...he was happy to see them but when i wandered by on some errand, he decided his job was to follow me because he is now part of my family...if bibi can settle and make this is home, anyone can.

bonita...please, take a deep breath (and keep your mouth off the building and no trying to jump or dig under the fences either) will eventually all be just seems weird here (and it is) but weird is ok if you embrace it....then it becomes something fun.....
(except for bungy jumping..that is weird and stupid but we don't do that here...this is a no scary bungy jumping zone so no need to worry about that here at least!)


Amy Dalgliesh

I think that will become my new mantra...embrace the weird, embrace the weird...