Rescue Journal

ohhh, too bad....

Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2010

i see we are dropping in the pepsi challenge thing..we are 4th today..ouch. we really could have used that money, i am so tired of worrying about owing the vets so much all of the time...and the fundraisers are always so iffy and stressful too cuz we never know til they are over how good did we do?

but..putting a positive spin on we drop in the pepsi challenge..i stop hoping and counting on something even more unpredictable than fundaisers and donations to help keep us safe. at least our real supporters and donors are concrete and reality based..not just a dream or wishful thinking.

and it stands to reason as this contest picks up speed...more and more folks are going to get involved and vote for their favorites. it also stands to reason that humans being who we are..we will find more and more ways to stretch the rules and make our favorite vote into two or three. this is probably not a good thing in terms of our personal morality....if $5 keeps our integrity should stay intact for $25 grand too. we drop in the standings here, lets feel good because we are dropping for some pretty good is more people are getting involved and trying to help a cause they believe in which might not necessarily be the vet bills of old, leaking animals but that is ok..and we may in a small part be dropping because we are following the contest rules and this makes me feel ok too.

the animals want and need us to be the best that we can...if we can keep our ethics intact for 25 grand, the saints animals are probably pretty darn safe with us because we will always try to do right by them too...
and i do know how strong are the temptations sometimes...we think if we win, all will be right..and we do want it to be right for them because we care so deeply for their even for me sometimes i do think...hmmmm...maybe....oh, ok..maybe not is better. it is good to morally test ourselves occasionally too.

but this i do know...a contest with prize money will never do as much for them as we can if we just keep plugging away, doing right as much as we can...we all will be fine at the end of the day, no matter who wins the pepsi challenge. we have been here longer, and i hope we stay here longer, than any contest possibly can.

there! now i feel good and not so disappointed today!
we can usually turn a negative into a positive if we look hard at the important things in the long run.

the vets will reluctantly wait..they are so good to us..the money will come, it always does..and this current tough spot is forcing me to think about adjusting some of what we do. thats ok is time to be a little more in tune with the actual financial reality of rescue....bigger is not better and the rescue piper must be eventually paid and these are good lessons for me to finally learn.

honestly..i have been doing rescue for years on a bunch of wishes and prayers...i am not always very bright.



Yes please vote once a day (like the shelter challenge) until the end of October!

Bonnie Jordan

Is this Pepsi Challenge something that we vote for once for the duration of the contest or once a day as with the Shelter Challenge?


I got agree with your logic! I'd do the same. And you are right there some great projects on that board. once I start reading it is hard not to want to vote for the other organizations.


i know, anything can happen still...but i needed to put this in perspective for me cuz i when i start wanting to win too badly, it becomes another worry..if we did happen to win...well that would be so totally great...but if we do not...that will be ok too.