Rescue Journal

and then there is a flash of panic....

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2010

huge storm moving in... i hustled my ass outside to get the barn guys safely into bed...before i went out..iturned all of the TV's and radios on loud...closed the doggy door to the dog yard and made sure jesse and lucky and dusty were secure and safe.

the best laid plans of mice and men.....and rescuers.

i got everyone in and fed....i put up the van's windows...i locked up the shop with frodo inside...i went and closed all of the windows, turned up the radio a bit louder and fed and medicated the mp building.

and then instead of going out the back door to the sliding glass doors thru the yard like i always do...i went out the front doors of the mp building for some reason and thank you god, jesus, mother mary of god and saints particular watchful guardian angel.....

as i came out the door i just happened to see out of the corner of my eye......

pixie heading down the driveway.

she somehow got out thru the wire of the cat run and then out thru the wire between the slats of the front fence.

i freaking HATE barely 3 pound dogs here, especially tiny escape artists who are born again runners...i hate it, i hate it, i hate it...they are too freaking small.

i need a foster home for her that she cannot possibly escape from ever, no matter what...for her i want a condo apartment with NO balcony where she will never be off leash and can never find her way outside anywhere...not even 100 feet in the air.

tomorrow, she goes into a cage...tonight is fine cuz the dog door to the cat run is now shut because of the storm....i SHOULD have closed that one before i went out to the barn.

this little dog is going to worry me to death.

thank you thank you thank you whoever for letting me see her buggering off.


Brenda McCormick

Ok, I'll be at SAINTS this Sunday - Yay! I'll be there between 8 and 8:30am


HOLY SHIT! I know your routine and you never go out that door......this is a doo doo doo doo kinda thing...for sure some past Saints were watching over Pixie last night.


i have been thinking on this....i think we might pass this year..i don't want to give up brenda at saints for this....ok, so i am selfish..but it is like a perfect house day when all the regular great house volunteers are all here ...and while i will get back to the nice new volunteer, we can't send her out on her own so unless i decide to go do it which i will decide today sometime i guess, depending on what i see happening on the weekend.
sigh..i haven't done a community event in a long time.

Brenda McCormick

Carol; Do you still need someone to man a table in Chilliwack this Sunday? I posted earlier that I can go - or come to SAINTS to do the house as usual. Whichever you prefer - but, will someone else be able to come or drop off the brochures and info on SAINTS that I will need at the SPCA that day??? Honestly, if someone else wants to go to Chilliwack my preference is to go to SAINTS, but if you're stuck I will do it happily. Let me know.


i second the thankyou, such a small little doggy with such big wandering ways. was not pixie the one that was found in the middle of a highway. now we know why. hope the storm does not get too severe and freak out your animals. maude really hates those storms doesnt she. hope jesse is okay too. too bad about merry but your right. she is perfectly safe and happy where she is. any news about esther.