Rescue Journal

poor herman...

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2010

became increasingly upset cuz too many freaking people were goofing around his perfect tent trying to fill wheelbarrows with shavings. i finally took pity and we finished up as quick as we could so he could have his tent fort back undisturbed....apparently we must now get our shavings from the right hand side of the pile.


chewie was a bugger at feeding time...he climbed up on a freezer, knocked over a full horses dinner right to the floor and then proceeded to toss the full water jug over it all. can we say...bad, bad little chewie.

the house volunteers quite appreciated the fact that i was out in the barn today...most of the dogs stayed out there with made house clean up quieter, nicer and more peaceful....well, mo's knee is only temporarily hurt so don't get too used to it!

we had a couple of new and very nice volunteers today, mother and daughter and man could they work! i said they should come every weekend..they said they had fun and will be back next saturday..yay!

harold is VERY sore and tired tonight..i let him stay out at the barn for far too long.
bonita had her very first off leash barn day and she had a total blast...she ran, and ran, and ran...she rolled and rolled and rolled...she got wet and dirty and played with a red rubber dumbell and she got chased by a little teenaged donkey who wanted to play with her but she was smart enough not to want to play with him back.

i saw the sweet annabelle for a visit today...that baby gets more perfect every time that i see her. she is coming to the fundraiser next week so those who are attending will meet this paragon of perfect grand baby. i left eric and ang's feeling really good..they are such a lovely put together little did my heart good!

well..i am tired from all of our hard work today...and i have the same planned for tomorrow. i want to catch that barn area right back up to snuff before the bad weather sets it....our new staff trainee andy..will be doing all of the normal every day things and me and KO (you are coming back tomorrow aren't you KO??????) and whoever else is here out there are going to be slogging thru some of the heavier, need to be gotten to stuff.

thx to chewie...the feed room is pretty darn clean so need to worry about that tomorrow...i even washed the floor in there tonight after he was done making his horrible was not helpful at the time but maybe it was in the long run.


Francesca Wilson

Hi Carol,
Marie and I will be at SAINTS on Wednesday for barn work.
Take care