Rescue Journal

ahhh max...

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2010

he just breaks my heart when his neck is bad. he was crying in the early evening and again just after midnight...i gave him more meds. this morning he is wandering around and hasn't cried yet so hopefully we are on top of his pain now and can keep him ok til this passes again.

this kind of drastic change in weather does affect the arthritis animals.

i still haven't hooked pixie up with a cone yet but i did close off the outside cat run for most of the evening so she too could wander around.

bonita was very good this morning..went out for her morning pee and then came back in with everyone goofing around making me outsmart her in the rain and the dark. thank you bonita banana..i appreciated that! she has adjusted to here really well...she just needs lots of farm time to burn off her energy, then she is happy to sleep on the couch...which is exactly where she is again as we speak.

well.... i better get ready for work...i am actually moving really well this morning, i was kind of worried cuz yesterday was really bad....but the hot bath and meds did the trick and i am not too gimped this morning..yay!

and i need to remember to call the vets to find out if miranda's weakening hind end could having anything to do with her felv...cuz other than that she is pretty active, eating well and seems pretty happy...weird.



lol...gee now why did i not think that just because she has feLV..she might not have another non related problem too like hyperthryoidism...i am soooooo stupid sometimes..thx for the thought is well worth looking into.


Hi Carol,

You probably have WAY more experience with cat issues than I do but I do happen to be well versed in hyperthyroidism at the moment because of my cat. I joined a Yahoo forum which was most informative. And, one of the symptoms which seems to show up a lot is weak hindquarters. Perhaps Miranda is hyperthyroid?