Rescue Journal

max's neck still sucks...

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2010

i picked him up some dog appropriate muscle relaxants today..i hope they work as well on him as mine did for me.
i talked to the vet about miranda today...apparently lymphoma of the spine (a type of cancer ) is common in FeLV cats. the question becomes, how come after 11 years of looking after FeLV cats, i have never seen it before? i think it is because for the first few years of doing felv's in a shelter environment...they almost always died from secondary viral or bacteria infections. since i have learned a few things and am more adept at minimizing the devastating effects of these...i am more likely to see them dying of the actual anemia from bone marrow depletion at the base of this disease. it therefore stands to reason that i might now start seeing some of the other more long term life threatening aspects of this i guess spinal lymphoma's and other cancers.

you get a handle on one deadly thing with FeLV and another deadly thing just pops up next. miranda has a ton of spunk left in her, she does not want some sneaky spinal cancer pulling her down.

murray i see is actually looking better again..his URI virus is finally calming down again AND i noticed tonight the swelling in his eye is also starting to finally go back down. he was pretty frantic tonight for me to refill their canned food plates...this is always a really good sign because FeLV cats who are eating well stay healthier longer.

happy gilmore LOVES living in the medical room...tonight is the best i have seen him...totally relaxed, out about and wanting his dinner and completely outgoing and social.

the carpets are being ripped out in the suite on thursday and the new ones are going in...we got an awesome deal on a decent carpet for $1 a square foot plus tear out and installation.

shit man the house phone just started ringing all by itself..i still never called shaw to come and fix it because i kept has not rung in more than three months!!! the power was out when i got home tonight so maybe when hydro fixed whatever the problem was..they also somehow fixed the phoneÉÉÉ (question marks again)

no power here totally power means no pump and no water AND no i am glad it is back on.

apparently renee tried a cone on pixie a couple of times today...she just took it off on her own. this little 3 pound dog is a royal pain in the butt...sooooo..she is stuck back in a cage.

can SOMEONE please adopt the little butterfly dogÉÉÉÉÉ (many question marks!) she is driving me totally insane!!!!



Gilmore is a beautiful cat. Friendly, loves pets and has a purr motor that starts up when you just look at him.
He loves the medical room. Especially when he can eat his temptation treats while laying around in bed. Also less noise and less hassles for him to deal with.
All in all a great addition to the group.