Rescue Journal

of mice and men

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2010

or more appropriately...

of squirrels and boys.

please be aware that fall is a dangerous time for both squirrels and boys.

the squirrels are frantic to find every single possible nut and stash it in their home for winter. in their frantic haste to be prepared they are dashing too and fro across the roads and the roads are starting to look like a squirrel bloodbath. so please be careful and slow down a bit if you see a squirrel on the side of the the last second it is going to decide that is can in fact make it over to the other side before your car runs it over.

the danger for boys at this time of the year is that suddenly they are back at school...i am not sure if it is because they are always running late from sleeping in but the fact remains that boys are riding the roads on bikes in high speed and many are not wearing helmuts. today i almost ran another one over as he tried to do the same thing as a squirrel, zip across the road on his bike right in front of me.

apparently boys and squirrels have one thing in common, neither one of them thinks in a hurry...AND they both think they are way faster than they really makes roads and oncoming traffic dangerous for them.

everyone be safe, beware of boys and squirrels, they are tricky and speedy little buggers and none of us want to run over either of them.



The squirrels that zip across aren't the worst. Watch out for the ones that change their mind halfways across and change direction just when you're swerving to avoid them.