Rescue Journal

Does anyone have a picture of....

 ·  Sep. 16, 2010

Does anyone have a picture of Abe. He is one of the dogs listed from the LA crew. I can't find a picture anywhere on the SAINTS website. If you have one, please post it on here or email it to me at

Also, I couldn't find pictures of all the rabbits so not all of them will be present at the in picture form at the feather and furry friends table - sorry.



Gosh I had forgotten all about Kai.. now that was one sad story... I wish he had come to SAINTS way way sooner.

I just spent some time cruising the In Memory section & it's funny how some pictures will make me feel warm & fuzzy remembering them & who they were & how they were and then others ( Like Abe/Kai ) literally bring tears to my eyes

Rip Abe/Kai, you have not been forgotten


Abe is also Kai, he's listed on the in memory 2008 page. it's only a small picture. i'll try to find the original and email it to you.