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a rough initial estimate for the net funds raised for this years gala is....

Carol  ·  Sep. 19, 2010

about $20,000. now some of that money was spent as it came in just to keep us afloat until now and that total still doesn't cover all of the vet current vet bills BUT it covers a huge chunk of them and will move us back into not so crazy rescue world with only still owing 2-3 thousand to each one.
i think we can all live with that pretty well...for now.

to the folks on the fundraising committee.....EXCELLENT JOB, and REALLY WELL DONE!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!!!!

my only complaint is the video jenn posted...A...i really should have prepared something more profound and not just tried to wing it like i did and i cleared my throat far too many times which sounded totally stupid.

and because sadly life does go on around here..including the time for it to end.....
max had a terrible night last night, (he is quietly sleeping finally now.) i will try to catch one of our vets somewhere today but it is all of their days off...if not, i guess we will head over to the emergency is time to let max go today, neither one of us wants him to have to go any further..enough is enough.

gentle journey max...try not to be afraid and please stay asleep for as long as you can....we love you.



Brenda McCormick

Hi Carol; Mum and I (in Sarnia, Ontario) just watched the video of you at the Fundraiser last night. I think you did a great job "winging it" and you sounded quite profouind to me. Sorry I missed such a wonderful night. I'm sorry about Max, but you always know when it's "time".


had a totally awsome time at the fundraiser great company great food great food lol. thanks so much to the saints people for my card for my mom it was very much appreciated. hope next years fundraiser goes as well. great job sheila and leila and carol your video was great. took some of those awesome cards of the animals home. great keepsake and memories. i am very sorry about max but your right carol it was his time. rest in peace little max and mandy be brave you were a good mama.


Oh Max what a rough life you have a had--never easy. I hope you had some comfort at SAINTS.

RE: the Gala-- Here are some of the comments people have posted on facebook about the event.

Eira Braun-Labossiere: It was a fantastic evening and so well organized. We had a really great time! Thank you to everyone who made it happen and thank you to Carol and all the volunteers who make the world a better place because of SAINTS.

Bonnie Kross Gauthier: It was a wonderful evening and just attending the fundraiser does not seem enough when I see and meet the volunteers who help at SAINTS so often and also organize events. I am going to find time to do more to help. I admire and respect the love & care that SAINTS has to offer so many amazing animals.

(The link to the SAINTS facebook page is on the right-hand side of this blog or here:!/pages/SAINTS-rescue/117789878243948)

As part of the organizing commitee of course we love praise ... but constructive criticism will help us improve it for next year which is always our goal--so do not hesitate to tell us something you thought we could improve on (it is not about us it is about the animals) and if you don't feel comfortable posting here please email me:

A year by year comparison. RE: the net money raised--$20,000 (estimate) that is an improvement over last year which was approx. $17,500. Keep in mind that the extra money was raised from blog readers like yourself sponsoring tables which helped cover the costs for the venue and food which was less expensive (but better) this year. There was about 30 less tickets sold this year but only anout 15 less people there so that was good. Sheila and Leila will be better able to provide a full break down of the monies raised and we will post that later.

Colleen B

Mr. Max - you are a gentle, beautiful soul. May you find a heavenly doorway to block when you get to the end of the rainbow. My heart aches for Mandy too...I hope she understands.