Rescue Journal

max passed very gently away at our vets.

Carol  ·  Sep. 19, 2010

he was a great little dog and i know mandy is so going to miss nuturing him...she has mothered and cared for him for almost 16 years....he had a really great mom!

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rest in peace maxi...i am glad you are finally free...and i will take very good care of mandy for you until you are both together again.


we have been having some water water since late yesterday morning, i have been crawling around down in the pit more times then i care to count. my son in law came out and cleaned out the filter so i think we have reliable water again.

i am going to put the barn guys to bed a bit early and get them done for the night...i had zippo for sleep last night and am pretty physically and mentally and emotionally the nice chi folks offering to help madam pixie butterfly (thx pat and ernie for spreading the word!)..i am not ignoring you (ok..i guess technically i am, but just for a little while today)...anyway..i promise, i will get back to everyone tomorrow.



Great video!!!

That kind of loving attention says something nice about how others felt about Max. It's a nice memorial.

Run free Max....


laura you made me laugh. max did love to just stand between door ways. The funny thing is that he would rush to get nowhere. he would rush (ok the max version of rush which was actually pretty slow) to a door that was just opened which you would hold for him thinking he wanted to go through but NO he just wanted to stand in the open door. Too funny. He was a strange but very sweet dog and him and mand were absolutely sweet together which reminded me that Colleen B took a video of mandy loving max and I will add it now ...


Max was a gentle soul....Mandy will miss you as will the rest of us as we go thru non blocked doorways we will think of in peace lille man.