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Its A Place of Possibility, says Carol Hine

Jenn  ·  Sep. 19, 2010

So my SLR camera--well known for bringing the crippled crew to you via the blog pics-- is broken, which makes me incredibly sad. It died at the Gala after taking a picture of my beautiful niece Annabelle before the event even offically began. But like my mom said, the night was so incredible,therefore I have a hard time feeling too sad. Although, when I go up to SAINTS tomorrow and cannot take any pictures of those guys I am going to be really upset. Here are the few pictures I managed to snap (pre-breakdown) and I know other photogs were snapping shots, namely Shelley Moore and Doug Stead, so I hope to get some photos from them to post.

I wanted to run through my hightlights but I do not have pictures from them all :(

The venue: Pitt Meadows Golf was amazing. Incredible price, food, and service.


The table toppers by Shauna from Grand & Toy (Bentall Centre, Vancouver) and the Flowers donated by Ferncliff Gardens in Mission were just beautiful!

Leila did an amazing job on the table sponsorship cards, which on the front had an animal and on the back had the names of the people (YOU) who sponsored that table!

Having my family there was a highlight and of course I was feeling extra proud of my mommy.

and here is the last photo my camera took. Beautiful Annabelle ... my little rosebud.

** other highlights included Annette Durante and David Kincaid our respective auctioneer and MC--both incredibly caring, generous, and captivating hosts for our event. AND above all, the incredible supporters who came out to celebrate and show their support--some even emptying their bank accounts--Dave Kelm and Doug Stead--yeah thats right, You both ROCK!

For those not able to attend: ** BONUS (and hopefully this makes up for my lack of pictures) I have some videos. So may I present to you Carol's speech ...

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Big Thank you and HUGS to every person who constributed to this event: donors, sponsors, attendees, and volunters. What an incredible evening--we raised a lot of money to the animals--well done!



Okay, we finally got the totals figured out. Last nights event netted $22,100 give or take a couple of dollars. The absolutely wonderful, amazing thing about this event was that over 45% of the money raised was raised through the table sponsors and the ribbon sponsors which means people were really there to support the SAINTS animals. Thank you so much to the 115 people who showed up to support Carol, her volunteers, staff and most importantly the animals we all love so much.

And on a side note, a couple of apologies 1. We apologize for the lousy job on seating people due to mostly the fact that my sister was trying to save me from some extra work - too complicated to explain. 2. There have been some comments about the food being much better this year from last year. I feel I must apologize for the food from last year as I was the one who picked the caterer who I had used before. The choice of food was definitely my taste/what I like to eat so sorry that so many did not enjoy the same things I like (cause honestly, I liked last year's food better).


I had such an awesome time! I think the venue was great and the food was delicious. Great auction items, too.

I especially loved the whole sponsorship auction - people really seemed to get into it. :) My only upset was losing my bid on the iPad!

Ann C

As a first timer I would like to say the event was amazing, great organization, wonderful auction items, good food and great company, our table had lots of fun!Thanks to everyone for their hard work, can't wait for next year.


it looked so great!!
that makes me even more sad that i had to miss it.