Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 21, 2010

torn blankets and bedding can be deadly. last night lola was burrowing around under the covers before i came to bed. unbeknownest to me, the ribbon edging on the fleece blanket was loose in one small place. lola has gotten her head thru the small hole and then twisted it tight...she was on the road to strangling herself...the tighter it got, the more she twisted it trying to get free.

so linen/bedding safety issue alert...tear away any loose ribbons or edgings or strings/threads on linens that may come into contact with animals (or small kids) ..and toss away any beddings found with actual holes cuz they just ain't worth the risks of some poor innocent getting them wrapped tightly around their necks.

lola is fine...i got bit twice freeing her because panic was starting to set in.

obviously an ice cream sandwich would help in dissipating my panic

we have lots of sheets and blankets around here....lets keep an eye out and watch for linens that could hurt them and either remove the loose bits or toss them out if they have holes.

and for folks donating linens and beddings to shelters, please make sure they are clean, appropriate and safe...when i sorted thru the donations last time...3/4's was sent to the dump...that is extra cost and work for us. the thought behind the donations was nice but the reality was, most of it simply wasn't appropriate or safe enough for animals and cats really can't use pink fuzzy bathrobes, faded threadbare table clothes, sheets/blankets/towels with holes or some really scary "what the heck was that?" looking stains, or granny's favorite sweater with just some buttons missing either.



yes its in the acute care strategy for treatable negative FEELINGS such as panic, fear, and general upsetness (I made that word up).


sorry lola...i never even thought of the ice cream sandwich post traumatic treatment for bad.