Rescue Journal

Thank You Sandpiper Signs

Sheila  ·  Sep. 22, 2010

I went to pick up the cheque for all the credit card payments Sandpiper Signs processed for SAINTS from the W4W event Saturday. Thanks Doug Stead for your generosity and thank you Gordon and Mae Donaldson. I went to pick up the cheque at their home tonight and they have the loveliest 12 year old dog that came from Chilliwack Animal Shelter 3 years ago. She is about 90 lbs and has a broad face and hair like a shepherd - but is apparently 30% poodle. I wish I had a picture of her so you all could understand how funny that statement is. The Donaldson's DNA'd her. Whatever mix she is she is a very lucky dog.

For anyone reading the blog that used the credit card on Saturday please remember that Sandpiper Signs will show up on your statement.



The story behind Gordy & Mae's adoption of their dog is a funny one... Kelly from GSR played a hand in it & I laughed when I heard it... Good for Kelly & Bravo for Gordy & Mae. That is one very very lucky dog who would not have seen another day if Gordy & Mae had not opened up room in the back of their vehicle & in their heart & home... The world needs waaaaaaaay more Gordy's and Mae's... Bless you guys !!!


That was incredibly generous of them, to let people use their credit cards! So convenient...